Custom Step Drills – You configure, WNT delivers

Drilling and countersinking are relatively straightforward procedures that in the past have required two tools to achieve or an out and out special tool. Now, with the development of its configurable solid carbide step drill system, WNT has simplified the process, eliminated the need for extra tool changes, reduced cycle times while giving customers almost infinite choice in their tool selection with competitive pricing and short lead times.


16-504-wnt-configurable-step-drills-mrTaking its Type UNI and VA solid carbide drills as the base tool, WNT has created a straightforward system that allows customers to configure a drill and countersink in a single tool, eliminating the need for separate drill and countersink and the tool change that would be required. Customers can specify a variety of dimensions from diameter of the pilot drill (anywhere from 2.5 mm to 16 mm), length of pilot, and angle of countersink (between 60 and 120 degrees), the large diameter of the countersink is determined by the original drill diameter specified by the customer. The drills are available in two lengths of 3x diameter and 5 x diameter based on the original drill size before modification and with a choice of shanks, these being plain, whistle notch or Weldon and with or without through coolant.


With the Type UNI and VA drills being part of the WNT standard range they are guaranteed to be in stock, so lead time for the modification to a step drill is kept short, for what is a special tool, with drills being delivered within 19 days of receipt of order. Cost is also controlled with WNT creating a standard price list for what is a tailor-made tool making costing for jobs straightforward for the customer. These step drills are subject to a minimum order quantity of two-off, and the price list reflects any increase in volume from four-off upwards with significant discounts available.


By using the Type UNI and Type VA drills as the starting point, these step drills can be used on virtually any material with UNI being a universal carbide grade and VA best for corrosion and acid resistant steels and aluminium. The drills can be configured using the online order form found at “The versatility of the Type UNI and VA drills combined with the almost limitless capability to tailor these step drills to individual requirements provides maximum flexibility for customers. By streamlining the ordering and manufacturing process and integrating it within WNT’s industry-leading logistics system, we can also ensure competitive pricing and relatively short lead times for these non-standard items,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK).