Customised Reporting For PSL Datatrack Users

The PSL Datatrack production control software system has a vast number of standard reports and labels available in all of its modules. These documents help to provide crucial planning information and identification throughout the entire production process and allow management to make informed decisions about the profitability of jobs, performance of suppliers and performance of the company overall. Reports that contain sensitive company data can be protected to ensure that only authorised users can generate them.

Many of our customers ask for additional information on some of the standard system reports and some will specify criteria for their own reports to meet a certain purpose. In both scenarios we are more than happy to help. If a customer mocks up a report from scratch we use their design, effectively as a ‘drawing,’ to create a custom report to their specification in just the same way that subcontract precision engineers do. This enables them to use a non-bespoke system that has been adapted to suit their business.

With PSL Datatrack, reporting is not just on paper. All systems can be configured to run Status Boards, visual display screens that can be set up anywhere around a factory to show real time information. All Status Boards are designed to the exact requirements of the customer.

Below are just some of the examples of status boards and reports that we have customised to assist our customers:

Jota Advanced Engineering Limited

PSL Datatrack has developed a vast number of Status Board configurations for Jota, ensuring that clear visual instructions are now available to all departments on any aspect of production.

Ryan Goodger, Director, comments: “I love the fact that what is displayed on the screens is the result of the customisation that PSL Datatrack undertook to meet our specific requirements and ideas.”

Brown & Holmes (Tamworth) Ltd
In recent years, the company has expanded its business to cover new areas including robotics and more recently 3D printing, building upon the company’s manufacturing expertise. PSL Datatrack has customised a large number of reports to help Brown & Holmes review the performance of each of these departments.

“The standard reporting available is comprehensive but, in addition, the team at PSL have also created a number of completely bespoke reports that allow us to drill down into each area of the business and analyse individual areas,” says General Manger, Steve Smith.

Seychell Engineering & Fabrication Ltd

One of the big advantages of using PSL Datatrack for this customer has been the ability to generate bespoke reports which are critical to Seychell’s achievement of its KPIs. For example, a request for reports on profitability by individual was addressed through PSL Datatrack’s customer Wishlist programme. This was followed by status boards in the work shop to show the next jobs (work-to-list) for each cost centre and which customer they are for.

“PSL Datatrack as a company is very responsive in terms of special requests and their overall customer support has been fantastic,” says Roger Williams. “Like the software in general, the Status Boards have been well embraced by everyone. Our business is run on KPIs and achieving those as well as controlling our business in general is now much easier.”

Jaege Smart Turn Ltd
Commissioned a new component stock listing report, sorted by drawing number, which also details the issue, description, batch number, location, works order number that the parts were made on and quantity of all components currently in stock.

Keith Howell comments that: ‘The custom stock report written by PSL hit the nail on the head and has been a real quantum change to the monthly reporting at Smart Turn, saving hours and hours of work. The benefit has already more than exceeded the cost.’

So if you, like the customers above, would like data about your business shown in a certain way then please do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss your request. We can help take your business to the next level!


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