Cutwel Launch Hot Deals Promotion

Leading UK cutting tool supplier Cutwel have released their latest hot deals promotion which runs until the end of October. The offers include a comprehensive range of Cutwel’s best selling cutting tools available at unbelievably low prices with some products being up to 60% off list prices.

NC Mill General purpose coated carbide milling cutters are available from only £3.50 each and premium HSS milling cutters from just £3.90. The Alu Power range for aluminium machining is available at 25% off including lapped cutters for mirror finish machining. Cutwel also have a range of APKT, SNMX and LNMX milling holders on offer for FREE if you buy just 10  inserts to suit.

Cutwel’s new range of YG-1 turning inserts are on offer at 60% off or from just £1.94 per insert. The deals include popular turning inserts CCMT, DCMT, WNMG, CNMG and DNMG’s. The inserts come in a sub-micron PVD universal grade, suitable for machining steel, stainless, cast iron and exotic materials. For aluminium turning, the high rake polished AK chip breaker turning inserts with the H01 grade from Korloy give exceptional chip control and surface finish, available from just £3.54 each. There are also a range of boring bars on offer including Cutwel’s new excellent value boring bar sets or high performance carbide shank boring bars for extra rigidity and reduced vibration in boring applications above 3xD.

The highlight HOT DEAL offer is the YG-1 Coated Carbide DREAM DRILL (3xD), available from just £5.51 each!  They are self centering and suitable for steel, stainless or cast iron machining.

Cutwel’s exclusive measuring tool brand Insize are also included in the hot deals promotion with up to 35% off selected items. This includes the hugely popular and durable Zinc Alloy Housing Digital Caliper, available from just £29.57 or the new heavyweight 1156 series height gauge available from £249.  Cutwel have also launched a range of IMPERIAL micrometers, available for just £17.62 (0-1”).

The offers are available online at or you can request a hard copy by calling Cutwel on 01924 869 610.