Deep hole drilling just got deeper with WNT

WNT’s range of WTX solid carbide drills has, literally, been extended to encompass drills with flute lengths of 16 and 25 times diameter as standard. The range covers drills from 2.0 mm through to 12.0 mm diameter all with through tool coolant as standard.

wntThese new drills have been designed to fully maximise the available flute length and can be used to full depth without the need for retraction or pecking cycles to be used as the swarf clearance is both safe and secure due to the flute form and through tool coolant, which is recommended at a minimum pressure of 30 bar. In line with the rest of the WNT range, these drills will be available from stock with the same next day, before noon, guaranteed delivery promise.

The drills are suitable for use on steel, stainless steel and cast iron components but to ensure optimum performance should always be used with a pre-drilled pilot hole that is to a depth of 2xD and between 0.01-0.03mm larger than the hole to be drilled. Where cross holes or break outs are encountered the feed rate should also be reduced by 50 per cent at those points. Subject to drill length and diameter cutting data for drilling steel is between 85 and 105 m/min surface sped and between 0.05 and 0.15 mm/rev feed.


“The ability to drill holes of this diameter to length ratio, without the need to peck will make a significant improvement in cycle times for customers and is another example of how WNT is working with customers to develop the tooling that they need to remain competitive,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK).



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