Delcam to show how to boost productivity at MENE

At the new Manufacturing & Engineering North East exhibition, Delcam will show how its software and services can help manufacturing companies to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce lead times.  The exhibition will be held at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle on 8th and 9th July.


Caption: Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system offers a wide range of strategies for five-axis machining

PowerMILL 2015 R2


Delcam’s software is used in more than 90 countries by over 50,000 organisations, ranging from multi-national corporations to independent designers, toolmakers and sub-contractors.  These customers come from a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, electrical appliances, footwear, healthcare, motor sport, packaging, toys, sports equipment, jewellery and signmaking.




Delcam offers a comprehensive collection of CAM systems: PowerMILL for high-speed and five-axis machining, FeatureCAM for quick and easy feature-based programming, PartMaker for the programming of turn-mill equipment and Swiss-type lathes and ArtCAM for artistic applications.  This broad range means that Delcam’s larger customers can source all their CAM requirements from a single supplier, while also ensuring that smaller organisations can choose a system that matches their requirements.


The machining range is complemented by the PowerSHAPE design and reverse engineering software, and PowerINSPECT, the world’s leading hardware-independent inspection software.


Of course, maintaining technical leadership across this product range requires a significant investment in research and development.  Delcam has the largest development team in the CAM industry comprising over 220 staff.


In its early years, Delcam was principally known as a supplier to the toolmaking sector, especially to manufacturers of injection moulds for the plastics industry but also to diemakers, patternmakers and producers of press tools.  Over the last ten years, the company has diversified into many other areas of manufacturing, enjoying particular success in the aerospace, autosport and power generation sectors.


All Delcam staff work closely with their customers to understand their requirements in detail, and to respond quickly and effectively to any changes in their design and manufacturing methods.  Furthermore, Delcam is the only international CADCAM company that operates an in-house engineering workshop, allowing thorough validation of all software before its release.  This facility, coupled with close relationships with suppliers of machine tools and other related equipment, gives Delcam’s staff a unique knowledge of the problems faced by their customers and so allows the development of solutions that are both powerful and practical.


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