Delcam development staff trained on Seco Technical Education Programme

Delcam is putting members of its development team through the Seco Technical Education Programme (STEP) to update their understanding of the latest developments in cutting-tool technology. 

The knowledge gained should ensure that the CAM software they produce reflects these developments and so gives the maximum benefit to Delcam’s customers.


“The potential problem in all CAM software development is that the toolpaths produced by the system may be mathematically correct but may not consider other practical limitations.” explained Charles Jones, the Delcam Application Engineer that is coordinating the training with Seco.  “We need to ensure that our developers have an understanding of real-world machining, as well as their programming skills, so that they can produce software that performs on the machine tool just as well as it does on the computer.”


“Delcam may have the largest development team in the CAM industry but we also need to ensure that the programs they produce will allow our customers to take full advantage of the much faster machining that is possible with the latest cutting-tool technology,” added Mr. Jones.  “Having our on-site machining facility plays an important part in giving our developers a real appreciation of the challenges faced by our customers; the training provided by Seco will add significantly to their knowledge of the concepts that underpin the process of creating machined components.”


STEP is offered as a series of modules to familiarise Seco’s customers with the latest tooling systems and metal-cutting techniques and so achieve maximum machining productivity.  Without this in-depth understanding of the new technologies in the market, many customers find the decision making process more and more difficult as the range of tooling systems expands.   Courses can be designed to cover customer specific requirements, so that machine operators, manufacturing engineers, programmers, and company owners can begin to understand the simplest way to choose the correct tooling and machining strategy.


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Caption: Graham Brown of Seco (centre) with the latest group of Delcam staff to be trained on the Seco Technical Education Programme