P&R dishes up industry first with thin-wall dessert packaging

Patterson & Rothwell (P&R) says it will use the PET to create premium, recyclable dessert pots for the food industry that are the thinnest walled PR petpotsavailable at between 0.8mm and 1mm, 0.4mm thinner than the previous option.

Dave Bowden, Sales and Marketing Manager at P&R says: “We developed the new PET packaging in response to the food industry wanting a move from general purpose polystyrene, which can crack easily, to more hard-wearing and widely recyclable dessert packaging.“

Available in a range of shapes and sizes for yoghurts, mousses and other desserts, the pots are the result of P&R’s recent £0.5 million investment into new specialist tooling and significant research and development.

“Major retailers have already expressed interest in the product and we’re anticipating that many more will follow suit. The pots are ideal for premium brands wanting an eco-friendly, yet aesthetically pleasing design,” Bowden added.

P&R’s new PET pots are injection moulded using a unique multi-cavity ‘all electric’ method, which it says makes it the first company to produce PET walls this thin.


Below is the moulds for the PET Pots