Digital ABS Plus – Stratasys’ Toughest Polyjet Material: Now available from Tri-Tech 3D

Have you heard? There’s a new Stratasys Polyjet material on the market. Digital ABS plus is the new, advanced version of the Digital ABS material released in 2011 and guess what? Digital ABS Plus has a mechanical performance improvement of up to 38% compared to the original ABS material. It can withstand incredible weights from a person to a commercial vehicle!

Here at Tri-Tech 3D, we recommend you use Digital ABS plus when you need:

  • Freedom of design
  • The assurance of functional performance

Eager to know more? Read our informative guide to find out how you can benefit from the new Stratasys material…


What’s New about Digital ABS Plus

Digital ABS Plus is fabricated from RGD515 Plus and RGD535. It’s designed to simulate standard ABS plastic by combining high-temperature resistance with toughness; however, Digital ABS materials uses Polyjet printers which have the ability to capture fine details in high resolution. Digital ABS plus is superior to Digital ABS as it has superior strength properties as well as a superior finish with smooth glossy surfaces. It also has high impact resistance properties and a shock absorption of 90 – 110 J/M.

The Digital ABS Plus material’s new added durability and toughness mean it can now be used for all stages of rapid prototyping, from design verification to functional performance testing. It’s new found strength means that Digital ABS plus is ideal for all types of jigs and fixtures, parts featuring drilled and inserted metal and components as well as short-run injection moulding tools.

Digital ABS Plus comes in two colours; Green and Ivory.

digital abs plus


Can I use it on my Printer?

The Digital ABS Plus material can be used on the following printers:

  • Connex 3
  • Objet 1000/ 1000 plus
  • Legacy Connex


What Can I Print with Digital ABS Plus?

 Models with fine Features – Print walls below 1.22 mm with ABS2 Plus.

Mechanical Connections – The strength of Digital ABS Plus allows you to make precise yet functional connections including screw threads, interlocking gears, snap fits and friction-fit fasteners.

Functional Prototypes – The toughness and temperature resistance of Digital ABS Plus makes it a strong choice for creating functional prototypes for consumer electronics, commercial goods, automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery and equipment.

Realistic Models – You can combine Digital ABS Plus with the new Agilus 30 material to simulate functional yet realistic prototypes that feature rubber-like over-mouldings and soft touch parts, or to make one-part text and instructions really stand out.

So there you have it! With all these capabilities, we’d like to know what will your company do with the new Digital ABS Plus?  If you have any questions on how to use Digital ABS plus or if you would like to enquire about a printer contact our dedicated team at or call 01782 814551