ENGEL partners with PCE Automation

ENGEL are already renowned for their ability to offer injection moulders high performing, complete automation systems. ENGEL UK are taking this one step further by increasing the choice of downstream automation available to their customers.

Partnering with Beccles based PCE Automation, ENGEL UK are now able to provide injection moulders with even more possibilities for their individual downstream automation projects. ENGEL UK Managing Director, Nigel Baker is confident that the wider choice of automation now on offer will be very attractive to their customers. “ENGEL has always benefitted from the capability to deliver a turnkey solution with bespoke automation from our plant in Austria. But sometimes the nature of a project means that the customer can be better served through a more local approach. We want to be able to propose options for our customers, so that together we can tailor the automation project to meet whatever criteria matters most to them.”

Nigel Baker continues “ENGEL UK are very excited to be partnering with PCE Automation, who offer quality elements of downstream automation to perfectly dovetail with our own Viper Cartesian or Easix Articulated Arm Robots, which will continue to form the core structure of our solutions.”

ENGEL UK are encouraging customers to discuss their projects with their team, who will be able to offer advice on the best combination solutions from ENGEL and PCE Automation, to achieve their manufacturing objectives.