Engis Solution for Flat Machining of Challenging Bi-Metal Surfaces

Superabrasives specialist Engis, has developed an innovative solution, Engis ElectroMill, for the extremely accurate flat machining of bi-metal surfaces and milling applications that involve an interrupted cut.



Applications of this type have traditionally presented daunting challenges to PCD or carbide milling cutters as the inserts can frequently chip during the milling process, resulting in high machining costs and elevated levels of sub-standard or rejected parts.

With its high stock removal rates, stress-free, cool cutting action and extended tool life compared to conventional milling cutters, Engis ElectroMill ensures much reduced tooling costs, while at the same time offering environmental benefits, due to its ability to be used with water soluble or synthetic fluids. Additional benefits include the integration of industry standard adapter mountings and milling cutter dimensions.

Using Engis ElectoMill, significant advances in part quality, as well as cost savings, are achievable in a variety of applications, for example in the final machining of cast iron hydraulic valve bodies or aluminium engine blocks fitted with cast iron cylinder inserts.


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