Europac 3D Seals The Deal With 3D Model Solutions

Europac 3D secures the sale of the latest HP 4200 Multi Jet Fusion printer to 3D Model Solutions after showcasing the printer’s capabilities shown at MACH 2018.

3D Model Solutions is London’s first bureau 3D printing company to invest in HP’s 4200 Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing solution to supply its wide range of customers across the UK with mass-customised, ready to use 3D printed parts.

3D model solutions discovered the capabilities of the HP Multi Jet Fusion at MACH Hall 18, stand 22, where Europac showcased tangible products produced using a unique combination of Siemens NX software and the HP Multi Jet Fusion to produce machine ready parts at a fraction of the cost compared to other 3D printing solutions.

3D Model Solutions approached Europac 3D in search of a new 3D printer to meet the demand for their bespoke 3D printing services as well as a desire to increase the speed of part production while also providing their customers with an affordable solution.

Hugo Patrao, 3D Department Manager at 3D Model Solutions commented: “We’re delighted by the speed and efficiency of the HP Multi Jet Fusion printer as we will be able to reduce our costs by a third for each item produced for clients.  Coupled with the right software we are able to increase the volume of bespoke items we can produce in a single print run which further improves the speed of service, without sacrificing quality.”

The Multi Jet Fusion has a large printing bed (380 x 285 x 380mm) and along with Siemen’s NX software, that provides ‘nesting’ facilities that allows multiple 3D parts to be positioned to fit perfectly together on the printer bed. This increases printing speed and reduces the number of print runs needed, cutting the printing costs further.

John Beckett, managing director of Europac 3D, comments; “HP’s Multi Jet Fusion has only been on the market for a year and is already revolutionising 3D printing and opening up the technologies to new and exciting markets.  Coupled with an open platform system we’re excited by the opportunities and look forward to further developments in months to come.”

As one of HP’s chosen UK Channel Partners, these benefits have helped Europac 3D secure more than £1m in sales in the first 12 months of the printers being available in the UK, as companies and organisations look to benefit from the technologies.

Europac 3D, headquartered in state of the art facilities in Cheshire, offers a full spectrum of services from the supply of cutting-edge scanners, printers and accessories to installation, maintenance and training of staff in the usage of 3D hardware and software.


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