European Portable Metrology Conference (EPMC) 2018

Ricoh Arena in Coventry for 2018.


Day 1 New Metrology Challenges Facing the Automotive Industry Alan Olifent, Powertrain Metrology Technology Manager, EP500 The automotive industry is a major global manufacturing industrial sector and faces a number of accelerating challenges. Some of these are well known, for example reducing emissions, but it is facing a number of newer challenges arising from the evolution in requirements of a global, technologically competent market. The metrology requirements of automotive manufacturers is developing to meet the new industry challenges and this is translating into demands for a more comprehensive approach to measurement from our supplier partners throughout the supply chain and new metrology equipment from across the metrology industry.

Day 2 Why metrology is becoming even more important. Dr. Ken Young, Director – Technology, Executive, The MTC With the advent of new manufacturing processes such as additive the components of tomorrow are going to be even more complex and optimised for performance. In order to compete on a global stage, manufacturers are going to have to work ever nearer to the limits of process capability and this will require better metrology for both process control and product verification. Some of the challenges will be highlighted and the role of the metrologist discussed.

EPMC formerly LVMC has been running for over a decade and is the premier technical conference in Europe dedicated solely to the use of precision dimensional measurement technology for process improvement for manufacturers.

EPMC is a rare opportunity to see presentations on real world applications from leading industry experts and academics, as well as to view the latest equipment from the world’s best suppliers, network and share ideas and of course, increase overall awareness of European and worldwide industries. The event will follow a similar format of a combination of immersive seminars, exhibition, networking functions and the metrology stadium

Further topics will cover: • Developments in metrology education • Automation of metrology applications in shop floor environments • Novel and unusual adaptations and applications of existing metrology technology • Developments that will lead to the future of metrology • Discussions of the challenges and needs of the dimension metrology community

The committee members are:

  • Carl Baines, Brunson (Chair)
  • Simon Cheetham, BAE Systems
  • Carl Hitchens, Nuclear AMRC
  • Andrew Hockenhull, Airbus
  • David Homewood, FARO
  • John Kane, Wyvern Industrial Technology
  • Steve Shickell, NMS 3D UK
  • Trevor Toman, Coventry University


The event is self-financing and is run not for profit, and its future is dependent upon the support of exhibitors and delegates who attend each year.

For further information please visit the website

Email: Tel UK: 0844 241 5519 Tel Overseas: +44 7341 774731