Big changes for evolving business with over 63 years engineering experience – Alan Browne Lapping Services

Alan Browne Lapping Services (formerly Alan Browne Gauges Ltd) are redirecting our Skill base from Gauge blocks and manufacturing to sub-contact lapping /machining.

alan browne lapping services

Formerly Alan Browne Gauges had existed from 1956 to April 2019 with a history of recalibrating customers Gauges by comparator or interferometer to Manufacturing Gauge Blocks to the highest standard with a very large customer base in all Engineering sectors and a great reputation in the engineering fields it specialised in, however back in April 2019 the decision was made to voluntarily liquidate the company due to it not being financially viable to keep the calibration laboratory running with all the costs involved and the ever evolving world and changes in the way companies calibrate their gauges and equipment now, so we have had to make big changes and move with the times and we needed to redirect our gauge making skills and utilise our existing workforce with Sub-contract lapping skills to form a new company called Alan Browne Lapping Services Ltd which just specializes in lapping this is a very specific type of engineering.

We have an excellent reputation for sub-contact lapping from back when we first started this in the 1980’s working with a number of Universities & Engineering companies in both the development of components through to a completed product, our reputation proceeds us and we pride ourselves on the service we deliver to our customers we always have and always will do.

We offer both Double sided and Single sided lapping to sub-micron tolerances where required we have been working in various sectors of engineering including Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Satellite and Medical among many others.

Our experience in working with materials is vast and includes Steel, Ceramics, Aluminium and Tungsten Carbide plus many others.

If you have a component that has a tight tolerance or a lapped finish do not hesitate to contact Martin or Rachel on 1926 424278 or email or and we will be only too happy to help.