Extendable quill gives Starrag’s Heckert hec 1800 the inside track on deep internal features

A 150 mm diameter quill that extends up to 750 mm from the Heckert HEC 1800 machining centre’s z axis spindle enables ‘conventional’ rigid tooling to be used for deep internal machining tasks without fear of compromising the accuracy and quality of workpiece finishes, says Starrag UK.

Avoiding the need for extra long tooling for such tasks means the HEC 1800 is unmatched in its ability to consistently mill, bore and turn internal features in heavy-duty machining environments.

The extendable spindle is just one of the technology options on the multi-axis HEC 1800 which, with a 1.8 m by 1.25 m table capable of accommodating 13 tonnes and workpieces 2,700 mm tall, is the largest in Heckert’s HEC range of four-/five-axis horizontal machining centres. In fact, the quill option is available on machines from 800 mm table size upwards.

As well as several standard horizontal spindle options, a range of horizontal and vertical four- and five-axis heads, for example can also be specified to suit users’ needs, as well as chain or tower tool storage for up to 450 tools. In addition, a 400 revs/min NC rotary table is an option for in-process turning on the larger machines.

However, when using the extendable quill, the machine is unmatched in its ability to consistently perform ultra-rigid, heavy-duty machining – milling, boring and turning – of large complex workpieces such as valves and housings, especially those with deep internal features.

The Heckert HEC 1800 has X, Y and Z axes travels of 3,400 mm by 2,800 mm by 2,335 mm and the 84 kW spindle produces up to 12,500 revs/min and 1,500 Nm torque.

One of eight Starrag machines installed progressively since 2003 at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) and at sister centre Nuclear AMRC by Starrag as part of its membership of both centres, a Heckert HEC 1800 P150 is available at the Nuclear AMRC for UK manufacturers to use to optimise machining processes.