Extension of the HASCO Push-Lok system

The innovative Push-Lok system from HASCO, which ensures a fast and safe connection of temperature control circuits , has been supplemented by further high-quality hose variants.

 Fast and secure connection

 The new push-locomotive hoses Z859PL/… have been specially developed for even easier assembly.  In the colours blue and red, these guarantee a mix-up and uncoupling of the inlets and outlets on the injection mould.

Perfectly matched manufacturing tolerances simplify assembly. The special material mixture guarantees maximum durability of the flexible, swirl-free and kink-resistant hoses, which are temperature-resistant from -40°C to +140°C.

Time and cost savings

The Push-Lok system allows a quick repair directly at the workbench, additional accessories such as hose clamps and squeeze sleeves are not required. In this way, time and costs can be significantly reduced. An end point marked via the marking ring guarantees reliable installation of the hose on the coupling.

The special geometry of all perfectly coordinated Push-Lok components enables a reliable connection during the entire injection molding production. In addition to hoses, the system also includes quick-release couplings with and without shut-off valve, angled 45° or 90°, or double grommets for extending hoses as well as the new multi-coupling system.

The extended push locomotive system is tailored to the proven HASCO standard temperature control program, so that it is possible to change the systems quickly and easily. The variety of components offers users numerous advantages of individual temperature control design.