Fast and secure positioning and fixing with new ball catches from HASCO

Ball catches are frequently used in mould construction as an impression pin??? They are easy to mount and enable locking and fixing with linear and radial movements of mould components.

HASCO’s new ball catches Z3700/… (with reinforced spring force) and Z3701/… (with thread locking) are both high-performance models that supplement HASCO’s extensive standard component range for standardised ball catches.

The ball catches are provided with a slot for assembly and can be quickly positioned with a screwdriver. The ball and internal spring of the two ball catches are made of stainless steel.

Ball catch Z3700 /… is noted for its reinforced spring force and allows particularly high holding forces at application temperatures of up to 350 °C. Ball catch Z3701/… with special thread lockingoffers a high level of reliability against twisting at application temperatures of up to 80 °C.

All HASCO’s ball catches can be used universally and enable simple and fast fixing, precise positioning and reliable locking of the respective mould components.