Fast track – GTMA Medical Cluster ‘boosts’ F1 initiative to develop and produce Ventilators during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The University College London (UCL) formed a consortium based around the expertise in the UK based F1 engineering teams to design and develop a ventilator to assist patients breathing during the Covid-19 contagion.  The current UK capability/capacity to produce ventilators is in the hundreds, woefully short of the governments estimated NHS requirement of 30,000.

From the outset the GTMA recognised the challenge faced by the requirement to produce this number of devices so engaged with the UCL to understand timelines and align member companies under a ‘Medical Cluster’ to offer UCL a pick-list source for services and products.  They have developed and fully tested a CPAP device to assist breathing.  This list was initially 40 companies and by the point when the devices gained approval for manufacture the list had grown to 70.  During the first week of procurement several GTMA member companies were contacted to quote for work.  The Medical Cluster continues to grow, and we remain aligned to the UCL for further procurement.

To download the full letter of recognition from UCL, please click here

Pictures reproduced with permission ©James Tye/UCL