Fast-track machine installation helps Eastleigh subcontractor deliver demanding project

An Eastleigh-based precision manufacturer has turned to Yamazaki Mazak to install new, state-of-the-art machinery in a challenging four-week time window following a project win.

The swift installation and commissioning of a new Mazak HQR-200MSY CNC turning centre has enabled GW Martin & Co. (GW Martin) to expand their machining capacity and fulfil their exceptionally strong order book.

Established in 1959, GW Martin supplies a complete CNC machining service, providing components to the automotive, medical, electrical, vacuum and defence sectors. While the company has traditionally specialised in the production of high-volume, precision parts, it has been driving a strategy to reduce costs and increase capacity over the last five years, with investment in automated production being central to this. This was demonstrated when they purchased their first Mazak MULTIPLEX W-200Y Multi-Tasking CNC turning centre with an automatic gantry loading system in October 2019.

After winning a tender to machine a specific high-precision component in large volumes, GW Martin needed to further increase its machining capacity to complete the order in time. Having been impressed by Mazak’s work adapting the MULTIPLEX to fit their bespoke component manufacturing processes, GW Martin turned to the machine tool manufacturer to supply an HQR-200MSY.

The new unit’s highly efficient two-turret, two-spindle set-up enables reduced cycle times, and, when combined with the long Y-axis stroke, high-accuracy milling required for precision manufacturing. The machine can perform high-accuracy turning and milling, and crucially for GW Martin, is compatible with a variety of automation equipment, including bar feeders, workpieces unloaders and robots.

Following the machine’s order at the end of February 2020, Mazak’s Application Engineering team was able to quickly engineer the HQR-200MSY off-site to fit into GW Martin’s machining line. This entire process, from order to installation, took only four weeks and enabled the company to manufacture the volume of bespoke parts in line with the project’s demanding schedule.

“Having worked with Mazak in the past, we were aware of their reputation for supplying quality turning centres,” says Richard Blake, Business Development Manager at GW Martin. “So, when we required an automation-capable solution at short notice that could machine high-quality components in large volumes, we knew where to turn.

“Our previous experience with the MULTIPLEX W-200Y meant we were fully confident that Mazak could adapt the HQR-200MSY to suit our existing processes. Bearing in mind the time pressures of this project, this was absolutely vital. Yet as we expected, even in such a short timeframe, the installation was completely seamless and risk free.

“While this all sounds very simple and easy to do, it really isn’t – Mazak’s adaptability and applications engineering proficiency was already well known to us. We really appreciate how they were able to help us react quickly to this project win, and following this success, we ordered another new MULTIPLEX W-200Y for installation in August.”

Alan Mucklow, Managing Director UK & Ireland Sales & Service Division at Yamazaki Mazak, adds: “General subcontracting is a fast-moving industry, and companies working for customers across a variety of market sectors often require increased machining quality and volume at short notice in order to complete project work.

“The installation of GW Martin’s HQR-200MSY is a perfect example of how Mazak can assist organisations working in this demanding sector. We are thrilled that the quick and effective installation of this machining centre enabled GW Martin to complete their project order, and look forward to working with the company again in the future.”

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