Faulkner Moulds Rises To Medical Sector Challenges

Faulkner Moulds, three times UK ‘Toolmaker of the Year’, continues to strengthen its experience across the medical sector.

Throughout the pandemic, Faulkner Moulds has mobilised its highly skilled workforce and suite of leading-edge technology to prioritise fulfilling the demands of the medical sector whilst still meeting the needs of their non-medical customers.

With the ability to design and manufacture sophisticated tooling solutions, including twin-shot, unscrewing mechanisms, collapsible cores, over-moulds, multi-cavity and rapid cycle times, Faulkner Moulds prides itself on a strong track record of superb customer service, on-time delivery and being ‘right first time.’

Recent examples of medical tooling include an award-winning twin-shot tool for an oral anti-snoring device (two versions), a suite of multi-cavity convex ring tools, an intravenous kidney filtering device, blood filtering inlets and outlets and an Ebola detection device.

In addition, Faulkner Moulds has carried out extensive COVID-related R&D work, and in another project, designed and manufactured tooling for an NHS face shield headband, providing support and research to enable the achievement of a CE Mark.

Faulkner Moulds is the reigning UK ‘Toolmaker of the Year’, having won this prestigious Plastics Industry Award an impressive three times. The Yorkshire-based toolmaker won most recently for manufacturing a complex 2+2 impression twin-shot medical tool for an oral medical device. It was delivered over a week ahead of the deadline, creating sellable parts at the first trial – an extremely challenging achievement for twin-shot tooling.

The company is well-placed to create sophisticated multi-cavity tooling designed for rapid and high-volume manufacture. In 2020, Faulkner Moulds manufactured a 16-impression tool, running successfully at a 7-second cycle time, fully guaranteed for a million shots.

With state-of-the-art software, machinery and measuring equipment and a highly trained team, Faulkner Moulds uses the most current and advanced toolmaking techniques. Continually investing, this year, the company has purchased a new CNC sparker that runs to a guaranteed three microns accuracy all day and is now recruiting their next apprentice.

The added convenience of a UK location and excellent value driven through efficiencies makes Faulkner Moulds’ toolmaking a robust choice.

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