Filtermist delivers new ‘service’ offer for UK customers

One of the UK’s leading industrial filtration specialists is helping its UK customers create the safest possible workplace with a recently launched new offer.

Telford-based Filtermist Systems Limited, which offers a turnkey service that includes project planning, design, specification, equipment manufacture and installation, will now include the first service visit with every installed oil mist filter purchased by domestic clients.

This initiative is designed to provide companies – working across automotive, aerospace, food and drink and high value manufacturing to name just a few sectors – with peace of mind that their oil mist extraction is performing as intended and ensuring employees are consistently protected from potentially harmful airborne oil mist particles.

 “Like all mechanical machinery, Filtermist units perform best with regular maintenance. This ensures the required airflow is being maintained and can flag up any potential issues, including blinded filters or blocked ducting,” explained Craig Woodward, Divisional Sales Director for Oil Mist and Industrial Vacuums.

“We’ve introduced the inclusion of the first service with all of our UK sales of installed Filtermist units to end-users to encourage customers to see the benefits that regular servicing can offer.

“As a full-service provider, we like to work in partnership with users to ensure the air in their facilities is clean and safe to breathe at all times. Some suppliers will sell an oil mist filter which ticks the box of installing local exhaust ventilation (LEV) as required by the HSE, but without aftersales support it can be hard to be certain that the filter is continuing to perform at the original specified level.

He went on to add: “COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations require all LEV systems to be tested at least once every 14 months, but that can potentially mean a long time between an issue occurring and it being identified if something happens soon after the LEV test.

“Booking a service visit between routine LEV tests provides a way for issues to be swiftly identified and resolved, meaning there is less likelihood of the system failing the next thorough examination and test.”

Filtermist recommends servicing its oil mist filters every 2000 hours, although this can vary depending on the nature of the application. If the recommended interval is more frequent, this will be noted on the digital service report supplied after each service visit.

Every Filtermist unit is supplied with an installation and maintenance manual, which includes an LEV logbook to enable users to accurately record the outcomes of daily, weekly and monthly checks, in addition to service visits and routine LEV tests.

“Keeping accurate records is another requirement of COSHH, so we try and make this as easy as possible for our customers,” continued Craig.

“Let’s face it, whether it’s servicing a car or a Filtermist unit, it’s not at the top of anyone’s agenda, so including the first service with every install means our customers have one less thing to think about!”