Free webinar – Introduction to ProLeiS MES System Automated Scheduling

Join Tebis to see how ProLeiS MES system can facilitate re-scheduling your resources automatically in a time of crisis.  As we can see in this unprecedented time, resource availability is changing day to day and we need to have the ability to be agile in rescheduling while minimising the effort required at a detailed planning level.  ProLeiS enables this automated possibility through part classifications and Process ID driven templates.

We will also explain the benefits of scheduling with a skills criteria to address shortages of skill requirements whether it be due to a crisis, absenteeism or simply a lack of skilled resources availability.

•    Automated planning with ProLeiS
•    Controlling your schedule
•    Optimising resources
•    Classification of parts
•    Standard processes

Benefits of ProLeiS:

• OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)
• Maximise Throughput (Intelligent Parts)
• Standardised work
• Enterprise Connectivity
• Real Time Manufacturing Information at your Fingertips
• Quality Assurance
• Centralised Documents (CAD and Office)
• Optimal Resource Scheduling
• Accurate Capacity Planning
• On time deliveries

Please join Tebis for the free webinar:

Time/Date: 15:00 to 16:00 Thursday, June 4th 2020

Presenter: Martin Chaput, Project Manager, MES Implementation Specialist

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