Further Investment at Lynar Manufacturing Ltd

With business doing well over the past 4 years and an increase in growth year on year we at Lynar Manufacturing Ltd were able to purchase a brand new Sodi-Tech VL600Q Wire Erosion Machine.

wire machine 1

Replacing our older Wire Erosion machine with this machine means we have an increased bed size allowing us to work with bigger parts, higher precision capability with even tighter tolerances, we are able to link 3D models from designer to the on board computer seamlessly and an increase in cutting speeds resulting in a quicker turnaround in parts.

With this new investment it further promotes our willingness to strive consistently to produce better quality products, faster lead times and a more efficient service all round to showcase the best of British Manufacturing on the international marketplace and is one of many stepping stones to provide the level of service we pride ourselves on delivering.

Lynar being one of the first companies to purchase a Wire Erosion machine over 40 years ago, we consider ourselves specialist’s in this field and from development to production are able to work closely with our customers, offering our expertise and support to guarantee the highest quality finish with very competitive pricing.

We are aware of how easy it is to become stagnant and outdated as a business in these current times so we are always aiming to improve our facilities and processes’ therefore re-investment and future development are key to maintaining a foothold in an ever changing dynamic world.


Gary Richens

Production Director

Lynar Manufacturing

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