Further Recruitment, Partnerships and Understanding our Clients from Sierra 57 Recruit

When Shaun Champion, Managing Director at Talisman Plastics identified a need to recruit a Sales and Marketing professional for the company’s new range of Enviroloc Security Seal products, he had no hesitation in his route to a rapid and successful hire.

Manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene with a breaking strength of 30kgs the new seal is in demand for applications ranging from clinical waste sacks to high value transit crates. Talisman’s need for a new Sales team member has been driven by the success of the product.

Shaun chose to work with Katie Francis from Sierra 57 Consult, arguably the leading Technical Recruitment Specialists for the plastics, engineering, and manufacturing industries. In common with an increasing number of companies, Talisman Plastics have discovered that there is a lot more to the role of a partner recruitment specialist than producing a list of only vaguely suitable candidates for a role.

Katie’s hard work, resilience and commitment to her work has recently earned her a promotion within Sierra 57 Consult which sees her now in the role of Recruitment Manager with 2 new consultants appointed to her team, to meet increasing customer demand. The company believe that technical training of their team in the disciplines of their clients is essential to providing a successful outcome for both candidates and hiring companies. Katie has undergone plastics industry specialist training with RJG Technologies, which equips her with an appreciation of the challenges and requirements of a plastics processing company seeking technical personnel. She believes that this has enabled her to provide superior and seamless recruitment support to her clients. She says “Through ongoing commercial & business training from my MD, coupled with industry specialist training, I am well equipped to helping the Sierra 57 business direction and developing other team members. We have a smashing team here, we work for each other and through empowerment & praise, I feel very highly thought of and respected”

Shaun Champion comments on his partnership with Katie and Sierra 57 Consult “Katie continues to work well in collaboration with the Talisman Plastics team, understanding our manufacturing culture and our desire to appoint the right technical and sales people, as we grow. Our latest recruit will be focusing on the sales and marketing of our Security Seal product range which includes our new Enviroloc product. It is a fitting achievement and plastics industry recognition, to see Katie promoted to Recruitment Manager. Thank you and well done Katie”

Mark Lawson, Managing Director of Sierra 57 Consult is highly confident that Katie is a big asset to both his company and their clients “I do not believe I am wrong in saying that every business needs an enthusiastic diamond and grafter in their team. Someone who tackles issues head-on and seeks to find a solution, someone who galvanises a team and leads by example, sets the standard and strives to meet & exceed. An absolute champion that works smart and with precision, whilst upholding the highest customer service and communication skill levels possible….and then finds the time to go that extra mile!! Every business wants one, I am fortunate to have one. Katie Francis is her name. She is my champion, business soundboard and ‘go to’ lady. Great work Katie, an absolute joy to work with you.”

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Article compiled by Sally Bailey-Nov 2020; commissioned by Sierra 57 Consult Ltd