GF Machining Solutions announces 20:20 Vision Open House in September

GF Machining Solutions announces 20:20 Vision Open House in September for precision component manufacturers who want to ‘keep one eye on the future.’


20:20 Vision Open House, 15th & 16th September 2015, GF Machining Solutions: Coventry


The event will see the UK launch of the Mikron HEM 700U – a large capacity, versatile 5-axis machining centre.

GF Machining


Leading EDM, Milling and Laser Ablation machine tool provider, and automation and tooling system solutions specialist – GF Machining Solutions – is running an Open House at its Coventry facility on 15th and 16th September.

The event, described as a ‘Technology Fest’ will provide the venue for the UK launch of the company’s new Mikron HEM 700U – a large capacity, versatile 5-axis machining centre (X-, Y- and Z-axis = 700 mm x 600 mm x 500 mm) that provides manufacturers with full simultaneous 5-axis, as well as 3 + 2, machining capability.

The machine is equipped with a powerful 20,000rpm StepTec spindle that delivers fast, accurate and high volumetric removal rates, and a generous sized 60-position tool changer for increased productivity.

At the Open House the HEM 700U will be demonstrated machining a complex, high-precision aluminium aerospace component.

The milling line-up is completed with a best-selling Mikron HPM 450U 5-axis machining centre which is equipped with an integrated 7-station work-piece pallet changer.

This machine with its advanced high-torque spindle (20,000rpm), versatile rotary tilting table

(-120/+45°); and 170-position tool changer the compact HPM is a real powerhouse and provides precision component manufacturers with unrivalled flexibility (i.e. 5-side, and full simultaneous 5-axis, machining), high precision and superior surface finishes.

At the event the HPM 450U will be showcased machining a range of complex, high-precision parts that will be set-up on the HPM 450U’s integrated pallet changer.

Using 3 + 2 and full simultaneous 5-axis machining these parts, which are made from a variety of materials (aluminium, steels, Stainless Steels etc.), all have exacting geometrical tolerance and surface finish requirements. The demonstrations will prove the versatility of the machine, and support the proposition that the HPM 450U can operate as a compact and flexible manufacturing cell in its own right.

The 20:20 Vision Open House provides the platform for GF Machining Solutions to exhibit its market-leading EDM technology.

Pride of place here goes to the company’s FORM 200 die-sink machine which will be exhibited with an integrated System 3R WorkPartner 1+ automation system.

The FORM 200 is an advanced die-sink machine equipped with a powerful digital generator, a powerful HMI control system and features GF Machining Solutions’ revolutionary iQ (zero electrode wear) and iGAP (real time adaptive process control) technologies.

To demonstrate the performance and productivity potential of the FORM 200 when integrated with a robot a number of innovative machining demonstrations where complex mould tools exhibiting intricate features (e.g. deep ribs, tight internal radii, small deep cavities etc.), and machined to exacting accuracies and surface finishes, are planned.

Similar challenging machining demonstrations lie in store for the company’s CUT 200mS wire EDM machine.

The CUT 200mS is a versatile machine packed with productivity- and performance-enhancing features.

The machine is equipped with GF Machining Solutions’ high-performance CleanCut generator technology, new HMI control system, a thermo-stabilisation system that guarantees high accuracy machining results and a range of SMART technology software modules that increase the machine’s versatility, speed and performance.

To demonstrate these attributes the CUT 200mS will be shown machining mould tool parts (made from tool steel) with large taper angles. By using the machine’s embedded TAPER EXPERT and SteelPlus technologies high accuracies and surface finishes, and improved cutting speeds can be achieved.

Another core element of GF Machining Solutions technology portfolio will also be exhibited at the event.

The company’s Laser Ablation machine tools (3- and 5-axis) are Our Laser Ablation 3- and 5-axis flexible and powerful, and can provide toolmakers and component manufacturers with a distinct competitive advantage.

As well as being able to laser engrave, label and mark, the technology can and is being used to machine textures and details directly onto mould tools and parts (prototypes through to production).

The technology is truly cutting edge and is increasingly being used to machine ‘functional’ surface textures onto components.

Says Martin Spencer, GF Machining Solutions UK’s managing director:

“The focus of the Open House is very much on the future. Whilst it’s impossible for precision manufacturers to predict the future having access to the latest advanced technologies from GF Machining Solutions, helps our customers be better prepared for whatever may lie in store.”

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