GTMA Member Quickgrind Now adds Amazon ordering to their list of capabilities

Quickgrind are well known and a high-quality cutting tool manufacturer based in Tewksbury and offer a comprehensive product line incorporating their very fitting ‘Infinite Possibilities’ slogan to their modern approach for delivery and quality.

Quickgrind already have an established reputation for delivering their standard products from stock but they are now moving to yet another platform to make the purchase of their product line even simpler.

With the addition of using Amazon, Quickgrind customers can now place orders for cutting tool stock right up to 10pm for next day shipping and delivery.

Asking Quickgrind’s Commercial Manager, Mr Tim Darch what the benefits of using the Amazon platform are, Tim says: “Amazon is the world’s most successful online consumer retailer and something that every household is familiar with.  From a logistical perspective, using the proven Amazon platform for selling cutting tools will open new doors for Quickgrind whilst guaranteeing customers that they can order next day delivery as late as 10 pm. No cutting tool manufacturer with established logistical platforms can provide a service that offers such a responsive service. Additionally, this move not only opens Quickgrind up to the whole UK market but also further afield as well, such as the US, Europe and Australia in the future.”

This platform will also give Quickgrind greater engagement to smaller manufacturers and enthusiasts alike, broadening the scope for sales to a much wider audience, without having to charge more because of potentially smaller order numbers.

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