GTMA Members Starrett go on the road


In 60 years of UK manufacturing, Starrett has built on its expertise and industry knowledge to perform at top standards in metrology technology. Primarily, the key to delivering our Solutions, is understanding our customers on an individual level.  With industry 4.0 swiftly taking over our work spaces, we believe that It has never been more important to reengage with the human side of technology and reach out to the people and the businesses that are changing the world before our eyes.

This year, we are introducing “Starrett On The Road with Metrology Solutions”, a new project aimed at cutting through the confusion of 4.0 communication and reclaiming our voices in an automated world. We are hitting the road with the best of our machines and bringing the solutions directly to you. Working with distributors all over the UK and Europe to host a series of pop up exhibitions, Starrett On the Road is your chance, as a business to meet the minds behind the machine and come along to a free, no obligation viewing of our latest range of Precision Products.

It’s about breaking down the barrier of a computer screen. Embracing the basic need to see something for yourself and ask any questions you need to. Bring along your own applications for a trial and take the opportunity for form new relationships in this rapidly growing 4.0 world.

Follow the Starrett page for new announcements or ask your nearest Starrett distributer about setting up a show near you.