Hardies support drive to bring manufacturing back to the UK

Hardie Polymers are proud to announce support for the growing drive to bring manufacturing back to the UK. Reshoring from overseas, is particularly key in light of the pandemic.

What is ‘Reshoring

“Reshoring is the act of reintroducing domestic manufacturing to a country. It is the reverse process of offshoring, where manufacturing is moved to another country where labour is cheaper.” – Wikepedia

This is a cause close to the hearts of many of our British customers. This is because they can benefit directly if work comes back to the UK from abroad, picking up work often from moulders in China or other parts of Asia.

Therefore, Hardies have spoken with ReshoringUK to see how they can actively support their appeal to UK manufacturers to rethink their supply chain strategy

Fergus Hardie, Managing Director at Hardie Polymers, commented:

“For many years we have encouraged companies who have been sourcing moulded parts from overseas, to look more locally. So naturally, we are now delighted to support the excellent initiative of ReshoringUK to bring back manufacturing to the UK.

Following the initial exodus of work from the UK 20 years ago, as the years have passed, so many of the original arguments for sourcing from overseas are now no longer relevant.  There is now growing momentum behind the argument to re-establish UK production of essential parts and also to protect SME manufacturing.’’

About ReshoringUK

ReshoringUK is a unique collaboration of 25 leading industrial engineering associations (including the British Plastics Federation). They aim to assist manufacturers connect with trusted, accredited suppliers capable of delivering products and also services that match their requirements.

It is an often-repeated misconception that the UK does not make things anymore. However, we are still the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world. The sector plays a vital role as an employer, exporter and innovator.

ReshoringUK’s website helps to re-establish the capacity required to meet manufacturers demands and the competence that is available within the UK. As a UK engineering marketplace it puts a wealth of information at the manufacturers’ fingertips to support their regional and UK wide supply chain.

Has the pandemic helped drive the reshoring of UK manufacturing?

The frailties of many of our supply chains have been exposed. This brought home in tragic detail just how reliant we have become on the overseas supply of strategically critical items.

Large manufacturers need to look closely at what is already available to them in this country. They should reduce their carbon footprint and also adopt dual sourcing in the UK to secure manufacturing and support.

There is an intrinsic value attached to making things here in the UK, not least being the opportunities to innovate.

ReshoringUK highlights the skills and resources of the UK supply chains. They aid manufacturers when considering domestic production for new projects or for the relocation ‘onshore’ of existing work.

‘The development of the Reshoring initiative encourages engagement with our manufacturing supply chain and recognises the strength, skills and innovation available.’ – Baroness Burt of Solihull, ReshoringUK Patron

Other reasons to reshore apart from cost? Quality, innovation, carbon footprint, & safeguarding the future security of the UK manufacturing supply chain. ReshoringUK’s aim for the UK is dual sourcing so that the UK is not vulnerable in the future.


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