HASCO’s cooling system celebrates its 50th birthday The standard for efficient cooling for mouldmaking

For 50 years, standardised components from HASCO have been enabling mouldmakers throughout the world to ensure efficient cooling of injection moulding tools. From nipples and couplings through to nozzles and hoses, HASCO offers the most comprehensive cooling range for modern mouldmaking. The comprehensive range of variant combination options guarantees future-oriented solutions for all challenges in cooling technology.

HASCO defines the international standard in mouldmaking

It was back in 1971 that HASCO developed the first plug-in connector with the respective coupling, and subsequently had it patented. Only HASCO’s hose nipple profile allows such high tear-off forces and bursting pressures, that avoids hose damage. Continuous, market-oriented further development has made it possible to establish one of the industry’s most comprehensive product ranges for mouldmaking. The portfolio consists of numerous standard components, the high-temperature range, the Push-Lok system. And was recently extended with the stainless steel and clean break systems.

Highest quality standards enable global compatibility

As a DIN ISO 9001 certified company, HASCO attaches major importance to maximum raw material quality and constant quality controls. Very tight production tolerances allow worldwide compatibility, and an unambiguous product labelling system guarantees 100% traceability.

Cooling system poster helps with the selection

In the new cooling system poster, users will find a compact overview with detailed technical information on all applications. The poster is also an optimum aid when it comes to selecting the right products. Hand in hand with high-grade products comes top-class service. This starts at HASCO with the simple and user-friendly HASCO Portal with direct access to the HASCO cooling system catalogue, the product availability information, and to the 24/7 ordering service.