Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Announces GLOBAL S Coordinate Measuring Machine Platform

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence today announced the release of the GLOBAL S measuring solution, the first in an Enhanced Productivity Series (EPS) leveraging the Hexagon portfolio of smart technologies including user experience adaptations, enhanced software and advanced eco-friendly options.

The EPS utilises these technologies to simplify tasks related to the creation, execution and analysis of measurement routines. This initiative offers a complete package to the quality engineer creating the measurement routine, the operator executing the inspection and the quality manager analysing the data that will be used to improve processes in the production workflow. The GLOBAL S is the ideal solution for all operations requiring higher productivity in dimensional inspection, like the automotive, aerospace, general and precision manufacturing industries.

PC-DMIS software enhancements allow common tasks such as the selection of probe tips and the import of files to take place three- to eight-times faster than existing solutions.

Further improvements such as feature sensor mapping allow the user to associate sensors to features faster when importing inspection plans. The GLOBAL S with Chrome precision level utilises the coordinate measuring machine’s (CMM’s) hardware enhancements to offer superior accuracy at the highest scanning speed. Operators benefit from faster scanning measurement of both predefined and non-predefined paths and optimised path trajectories for faster part-program execution. Using the eco-friendly feature, Eco Mode+, there is a 90% reduction in compressed air consumption when the machine is in idle state. The CMM solution can save up to 25% of compressed air cost under machine standard operating conditions.

GLOBAL S operators will benefit from the new PC-DMIS Inspect option for program selection and execution. This easy-to-use interface within PC-DMIS allows the operator ‘one click’ measurement routine selection. Automated solutions are also provided, ensuring reliable integrations and efficient data flow management. Messaging lights and the ergonomic jogbox provide an enhanced operator experience. Machine alerts regarding temperature, humidity, vibrations, and unexpected stoppage are also available via the PULSE monitoring system.

“The launch of the GLOBAL S is another step towards the future of smart manufacturing,” said Ingo Lindner, Global Product Line Manager, Stationary CMMs at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. “Utilising our smart quality products, we can now enable advanced data flow management and at-a-glance data visualisation that delivers the robust digital thread that quality managers need to drive productivity and profitability goals.”


The GLOBAL S is available via local Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence commercial operations and dealers.