Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence upgrades SENMATION

Intelligent sensor automation system also launches on Leitz PMM-C coordinate measuring Machines                                                                                                                 

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has announced new functionality for the SENMATION universal sensor interface as the system rolls out to Leitz PMM-C coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). SENMATION enables users to overcome complex measurement challenges on a single CMM by deploying the right sensor at the right time.


Enabling the fully-automatic exchange of sensors within part programs, SENMATION is designed to make programming easier while maximising machine uptime and productivity. The upgraded version adds the HP-S- X5 HD heavy-duty analogue scanning probe to the SENMATION toolset in addition to the existing offering of scanning, optical and vision sensors. Accepting styli of up to 800 mm and 650 g, HP-S-X5 HD offers better part accessibility. It will also enable SENMATION to handle the PROFILER R tactile roughness sensor in the near future, further extending the functionality of the CMM.

Based on a universal sensor switch and intelligent sensor module and directly integrated into the CMM quill, SENMATION uses a mechanical loading system to engage the sensor without operator intervention. A built-in probe identification system recognises the sensor immediately and checks its status, so there is no need to recalibrate between exchanges. The data gathered by each sensor is contained within the same software session, enabling users to gather a comprehensive overview of the workpiece using the best sensor available for every aspect and feature.

“SENMATION gives customers real flexibility, enabling them to work at speed and with confidence in their results. We are very excited to introduce this outstanding technology on the Leitz PMM-C.” said Micha Neininger, Sensors Product Manager at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

The Leitz PMM-C line of high-performance CMMs combines ultra-high accuracy with unmatched machine dynamics. Fast data gathering and advanced high-speed scanning results in extremely short cycle times and high throughput for efficient process control, and SENMATION adds a new level of adaptability to these CMMs.

As well as HP-S-X5 HD, SENMATION accepts the motorised indexing probe head HH-AS-2.5 with HP-S-X1 scanning sensor, the HP-S-X5 3D scanning probe, and the PRECITEC LR optical sensor for non-contact measurements on matte, reflective, glass or transparent material. Initially launched on the Leitz PMM-Xi, the system is now also available with new orders of the Leitz PMM-C placed via local Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence commercial operations and dealers.