How many materials can a metal part be made from?

The shaft in the image demonstrates that the answer is as many as it needs. The substrate material is EN32, and three materials have been added to the three diameters. The materials are:

  • Stellite 6
  • A hard chrome alloy
  • Inconel 625

The Stellite material is a great all-rounder in combating galling, erosion, corrosion, and mechanical wear. The hard chrome alloy is a great replacement for hard chrome plating, and the Inconel offers excellent corrosion protection amongst other things.

The substrate has been machined from a cost effective readily available metal, but then high-performance alloys have been added in small amounts transforming the parts function and performance.

The unique capability also on show here is Hybrid-AM’s ability to automatically tool change between different processing nozzles, achieving optimum results and productivity.  Using the right laser spot and nozzle for the job.


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