Improving British manufacturing productivity at Backing Britain

To help manufacturers become more productive, metrology specialist The Sempre Group is attending the virtual event, Backing Britain Live Exhibition, from August 17 to 28, 2020. Following a difficult few months for British manufacturers, the company will share how its integrate, automate, connect and comply (IACC) model can help manufacturers to realise Quality 4.0 and achieve significant productivity gains.

From its virtual stand, The Sempre Group will demonstrate the Quality 4.0 concept. The company developed the IACC approach to help manufacturers take their first steps towards digitalisation. The company demonstrates the concept using a Universal collaborative robot, feeding an optical co-ordinate measurement machine (CMM), with data being collected by High QA, a quality management system (QMS) with a reporting function.

“British manufacturing productivity was already lagging behind major competitors, and the pandemic means it has gone from bad to worse,” explained Mike John, managing director of The Sempre Group. “Following a record low in April, it is vital that the industry bounces back and to do so, it requires a change in culture. To drive the future of productivity, we can take a data-driven, digitalised approach to improve output, yield and productivity.”

Visitors to the virtual stand will also be able to learn about the company’s new metrology products and how they can contribute to productivity. For example, the Novacam bore inspection system, a product for full internal inspection of bores down to 1 mm diameter and up to 260 mm diameter. It can solve difficult measurement problems by acquiring surfaces point by point at 2.1 kHz or 100 kHz using Low-Coherence Interferometry.

Other products include the Opticline T3D, for the measurement of axial run-out, grooves and bores for shaft-based parts with machined features, the Sensofar 3D profiler with 5 axis system and GelSight, an innovative new mould product, with applications in aerospace manufacturing.

The company offers the complete range of metrology equipment, software and services, and its expert team will be available by live chat throughout the event. For more information, visit