IndySoft aids RM&C’s Efficiency

To ensure their accuracy and an unbroken chain of traceability back to national standards, measuring instruments must be regularly calibrated. UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited laboratories ensure conformity and compliance with standards by offering services such as inspection, calibration, testing and certification.

UKAS is the only national accreditation body that is recognised by government to assess, against internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing and calibration services. One such UKAS accredited concern is TT Electronics business Roxspur Measurement & Control Ltd (RM&C), an ISO 9001:2008 quality approved company offering UKAS traceable calibration with BS/EN ISO 17025 accredited procedures.

Indysoft2RM&C is able to provide both on-site and in-house calibration to either UKAS or national standards. The company provides full certification of a range of disciplines including temperature pressure, flow and electrical parameters.

In addition to skilled staff based at the company’s Sheffield based calibration laboratory, RM&C employ a team of experienced engineers that hold accreditation for the on-site calibration of equipment including autoclaves, furnaces, thermocouples and RTD probes, scales and balances, ovens and chambers, indicators and controllers, pressure and electrical measuring equipment.

Although RM&C personnel have access to highly accurate and efficient calibration instruments, as a result of the ever rising demand for the company’s calibration services, it was felt that the company’s calibration management software was too slow and unable to deliver the functions needed for maximum operational efficiency.

To help speed-up operations and increase efficiency, armed with a ‘wish-list’ of the features required, a web-search was undertaken by RM&C staff for a suitable software system that was designed for use in commercial calibration laboratories. Having identified three potential software suppliers, a series of on-site demonstrations were organised.

Mark Donnelly, RM&C Calibration Services Manager explained, “Although each of the software systems that we saw performed well, Commercial Lab Management calibration software from IndySoft was the only one that gave us all of the features that we needed. In addition, the IndySoft Calibration software was easy to use, simple and logical, and when required, configurable to our own specific requirements.

“Having purchased our first user licences, as our use of IndySoft software has been so successful we have since expanded and added further licences. Our use of IndySoft’s Calibration Software for Commercial Labs has helped to stream-line our laboratory’s administration function, speed-up our calibration procedures across all of the disciplines that we cover and also simplified the tracking of customer’s instruments.

“As well as our customers enjoying the benefit of having vital instruments returned to them quicker than ever before, the use of our IndySoft software has meant that we have significantly reduced the time spent in generating and issuing calibration certificates.

“In addition to using IndySoft Calibration Software in our lab, our engineers that perform calibrations at customer’s facilities use IndySoft on their Motion Tablet Computers. This has made our external calibration function much more efficient, reduced the potential for errors and saved many hours of administration work.

“We have customised our IndySoft software home page to allow quick views of equipment and process status and also developed flow charts to map process and to better visualise work flow. We are now able to store unlimited numbers of records related to companies, equipment and histories. It also helps that we have a simplified interface enabling us to obtain the information we need in just a couple of clicks.

“Having made the decision to run with IndySoft’s Calibration Commercial Lab Edition, we anticipated a complicated transition period from using our previous system. There were inevitably initial teething problems but Indysoft3we were surprised at how quickly we saw the benefits from the new system. After we explained our needs, IndySoft’s staff made a series of useful suggestions related to general ‘house-keeping’ and system short-cuts, then configured the software to suit our requirements. After receiving excellent product training, throughout the short software changeover time IndySoft staff were available on the telephone to help with any questions we had. Our short IndySoft learning curve was also helped by the simplicity of the software and its logical steps.

“Although, prior to purchase we were convinced that the use of IndySoft Commercial Lab Management Calibration software would provide us with a major step forward, the software has proven even more advantageous than we anticipated. Not only has the speed and efficiency gained by the use of the software helped throughout our business, our customers are now receiving a faster and enhanced service from us.”

IndySoft Calibration software provides businesses of any size the ability to manage both their internal quality needs and external customer demands, all the while monitoring the day-to-day financial aspects of their operation. With support for leading enterprise platforms, Commercial Lab Management is perfect for deployment on both growing and large-scale corporate systems. Through an exclusive process modelling engine, companies can configure their own event-driven system with checkpoints; rule sets and documentation at every point along the equipment path, ensuring assets are handled according to existing quality procedures.

IndySoft Europe Managing Director, Jake Bishop added, “As well as selling IndySoft Commercial Lab Management software to smaller commercial calibration laboratories that have previously used manual systems, increasingly we are being contacted by larger UKAS laboratories that are looking to replace out-dated, inefficient management software.

“As potential users are becoming aware of the multiple advantages that can be gained by the use of modern, easy to use calibration related software, that is fully supported and maintained, we are receiving increasing requests for demonstrations. Although IndySoft Commercial Lab Management software was designed to provide the advanced functions required by commercial calibration facilities and is ISO 17025 compliant, over several years the inclusion of additional functions requested by users means that the software has evolved into what we regard as the ideal system.”