IndySoft’s New Release is Coming with a New Name

Leader in calibration management software lets you know what you are getting with their product name change

IndySoft Corporation, a leader in calibration and asset management software, today announced that the upcoming version 13 release of its best-in-class calibration management software will be coming with a new name.  IndySoft Client that is used by enterprise customers performing calibrations will be called and Indysoft for Commercial Lab Management that is used by commercial calibration companies for the end-to-end process management of running a commercial calibration lab will be called

The rebranding reflects IndySoft’s progression from a company focused solely on calibration management to one with its sights set on the larger asset management market.  The first step in expanding IndySoft’s presence into other markets is separating the company name from its product names. 

“IndySoft has a strong reputation in the asset management software market that we have built up over the past 25 years,” remarked CEO and founder, Rhett Price.  “We are proud of that and will keep it as our company name, but the timing makes sense now for us to separate our product names from the company name.  We have new software applications in the pipeline that will have product names very targeted to their functional category, so we thought it only made sense for us to do that with our calibration and commercial lab focused products as well.”  

When choosing the new product names IndySoft wanted to make it crystal clear what you were getting.   “Just as you know exactly what you are going to get at, and tell you all you need to know, just with the name,” noted Price. 

The inclusion of .com in both new product names was intentional to communicate the shift to a web-based SaaS product.  “In 2017 we introduced our Cloud-based model to some weary industrial customers.  We’ve proven that cloud software can and does work incredibly well while taking security, IT, and hardware concerns off the hands of our customers.  Overall, customers in our market are getting much more comfortable with the SaaS model and as a result, we have experienced year over year of growth with the majority of our new customers adopting the cloud model.  While we don’t expect it to happen in the next year or two, we expect and hope that all customers utilize our cloud solutions in the not too distant future,” said Price.  IndySoft will continue to offer on-premise solutions with the new .com names. 

Along with the name changes, IndySoft put a lot of effort into improving the user interface with version 13.  The new interface has a cleaner more modern appearance while maintaining access to the same features and functionality that IndySoft customers depend on. 

HiDPI, which stands for high dots per inch, is supported so users with a high-resolution screen will enjoy extra crispness in the text and graphics within the application.  There will also be a dark mode option that enhances visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain and providing comfort in low lighting settings.

Version 13 will come with a new Layout Designer that will allow screens to be arranged in real-time and layouts will be able to be zoomed in and out of for optimal viewing depending on the task at hand. 

Customer feedback drove the majority of the other 180+ features and functionality improvements in version 13.  “We are continually asked for additional fields, so we added over 50 new fields and expanded all Company and Equipment ID fields to 50 characters.  We’ve added a new Specification Management tool that will greatly ease the complexity of on-the-fly uncertainty calculations.  We’ve added the ability for multi-station login which allows one user to work on multiple calibrations on multiple computers at the same time.  Also, with the addition of new advanced test point layouts for calibrations, complex calibration data entry requirements can be made clear and simple for technicians.  We’ve added a new administration mode to speed access while simplify things for non-admins. These additions were the direct result of customer feedback,” said Price.  

“We were also able to satisfy the requests of our larger enterprise customers.  New version 13 functionality that was driven by these customers include Azure and AWS cloud document storage, enterprise Single Sign-On which enhances security and enables users to authenticate with a single ID for multiple systems, and UTC date & time stamping for all events and system logs which improves the management of databases that stretch worldwide,” added Price.

Version 13 will have an add-on KPI module that gives managers and decision-makers a top-level graphical summary of core business objectives to keep on top of changes, issues, and trends in performance.  Managers can quickly review employee productivity to see the average time spent on calibrations, repairs, or anything else they might care to track.  They can view financial trends by equipment category, employee, or shop branch.  Easily check the pass/fail rate by manufacturer and model number to get an accurate analysis of their operations and keep track of how often standards are used, when they need to be calibrated, the number of calibrations they have performed, and the associated revenue.  With both out-of-the-box KPIs and the ability to create their own based on any data input into IndySoft there is no limit to visualizing any statistics desired. and are currently going through beta testing.  The eventual release date will depend on how the beta phase goes but is expected within the first quarter of 2022.

IndySoft has long been a leader in the calibration management software sector.  With the introduction of and, IndySoft further offers enterprise customers performing internal calibrations and commercial calibration companies’ innovative solutions to solve their problems, improve their processes and create efficiencies.

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