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New member companies – serving industry sectors. The following are our latest new members!

Apsley Engineering Ltd

Apsley Precision Engineering Ltd has supplied manufacturing companies across the UK for over 35 years

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TLM Laser Ltd

TLM Laser Ltd are laser sales, service and maintenance specialists providing industrial machines for laser cutting, engraving, marking, hardening, cladding, 3D printing and welding plastic and metal.

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Winmore Engineering Ltd

Winmore Engineering is a mechanical engineering design consultancy based in Derbyshire providing expert design services to small and medium  sized business.

We are a mechanical engineering design consultancy who specialise in the design of engineered products and industrial equipment.

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Automating the fixturing process

According to the McKinsey Center for Government, a medical device manufacturer experiences an average ten per cent drop in share price after a single, major product recall event. Remaining compliant is key to avoiding recalls, so providing ridged support during medical device quality testing stops unwanted movement and ensures testing is compliant. Here Mike G John CEng IMechE, head of engineering at industrial metrology supplier The Sempre Group explains the importance of fixtures in the medical device industry. 

Medical device manufacturers understand the importance of a reliable manufacturing process, which is fully compliant with industry regulations, such as the biocompatibility regulation ISO 10993. Naturally, this compliance must include the fixtures that secure the components during quality testing to ensure ISO/IEC 17025, which requires competent testing and calibration, throughout the whole manufacturing process.

When measuring small, intricate components, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) get the most accurate results quickly when the part under inspection is secured. Fixtures, for example, are key when inspecting medical components, such as syringes, because they provide 360-degree access and keep them in place without exerting too much pressure and damaging the part. This is particularly important when using a touch probe, like the Micro-Vu with touch probe accessory, as it requires access to all areas of the component for visual inspection and internal tactile probing. These techniques can guarantee the measurements of components conform to the same standard as when it was qualified.

Choosing a fixture

OEMs have two choices of fixture, static or automated. Manual fixtures require operators to physically turn the fixture between each measurement, which can be a very time-intensive process. Both techniques have their place, but automated fixturing can deliver considerable benefits where it is suitable.

Automated fixtures take out the time-consuming process of manually turning the spar between measurements. The automated fixture integrates a high precision rotary indexer that automatically turns the parts. The operator does not have to wait for the measurements to take place, so can carry out jobs that require human intervention, such as data analysis.

 Bespoke fixturing solutions

Manufacturers will not always be able to find an off-the-shelf solution that suits their application. If the part has a complex geometry, like a hip joint, it can become unstable in a standard modular fixturing system, which will alter the accuracy of the measurement.

In these circumstances OEMs can work with a fixturing provider to create a bespoke solution that securely holds the part and is compliant with medical regulations, reducing the risk of human error and improving accuracy. Sourcing external expertise provides manufacturers with the R&D, testing and production skills that avoid the risk and time-consuming process of designing the fixtures in-house.

Metrology providers can also integrate automated SPC software, such Prolink, with the fixturing process to automatically measure the part and store the data in a single, centralised data collection point. Engineers can review real-time data at any point in the production process and analyse it to prove compliance and accuracy. The software also automatically produces first article inspection (FAI) reports at the click of a button that manufacturers can share with stakeholders.

Contacting a metrology one stop shop, such as The Sempre Group, allows OEMs to have an end-to-end turnkey solution to their metrology process. Metrology providers can assess quality testing needs and make recommendations, create the required fixtures, validate the parts based off industry regulations and deliver, calibrate and install the technology and software.

To find out more about integrating metrology into the medical device manufacturing process, read our latest white paper

Morgan Innovation and Technology Limited

Morgan Innovation & Technology Ltd is a multi-award-winning British manufacturing business working with companies across the globe to develop innovations that will positively impact society in the medical, defence and commercial industries.

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Langstone Engineering Ltd

We are a 45-strong team of engineering problem-solvers, helping you thrive by meeting your specification and requirements for a broad range of precision-manufactured parts and projects.

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Eclipse Magnetics

Our business is making a difference to your business by applying magnetic technology. With our unrivalled magnetic products portfolio and wealth of expertise we can drive competitive edge into your business by reducing costs,

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Rutland Plastics

Rutland Plastics has been in the plastics business for over 60 years.  We certainly look different today from when the company first started out injection moulding in back in 1956. We have grown significantly over the years with new facilities, more employees and more customers. However, the business is still privately owned and still based in Oakham in Rutland.

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Galway Tool and Mould Ltd

Galway Tool & Mould design and manufacture outstandingly precise, high-performance, cost-effective injection moulds. We will guide your concepts through to complex injection mould solutions.

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Avalon Plastics Ltd

Originally established in the 1940’s, through the generations Avalon Plastics has developed and grown to become the most successful trade plastic injection moulding & tooling business in the South West of England, we aim to be the strongest link in your supply chain for injection moulding and tooling solutions.

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Elesa (UK) Ltd

Elesa is the international reference for standard machine components within the mechanical, machinery, electrical and industrial sectors.

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Injection Moulding Tools Ltd

Injection Moulding Tools provide a privately owned, competitively priced, flexible precision machine shop locally. Our highly skilled, innovative engineers are on hand to contribute ideas and optimise solutions for your projects – to design and manufacture moulds or for any other engineering challenges able to profit from using our expertise and facilities.

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Mapal Limited

MAPAL has a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. As such, individually designed  custom tools and high-performance standard products are used to create machining solutions that optimally address the requirements for process reliability, precision and cost-effectiveness.
Supplemented by intelligent services, the customer receives a complete package for the machining process.

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Jenton International

Jenton International manufactures and distributes specialist automation equipment into the UK and Irish markets and has done so since 1973.  Core business areas are medical, electronics, automotive  and packaging and Jenton designs and supplies UV curing and drying systems, jigs and ovens as well as UV air and surface disinfection, viscosity controls and bespoke automation including banding, stacking, testing and converging.

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Premier Toolmakers Ltd

Premier Toolmakers provide a high quality, totally reliable contract toolmaking service, and we would very much welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how our skills and considerable experience can benefit your organisation.

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Sangha Metrology

Sangha Metrology is a full service metrology provider specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of high level measuring instrumentation to industry worldwide.

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Pemberton Engineering Ltd

Founded in 1984 by Christopher Pemberton, Pemberton Engineering has been manufacturing press tools, jigs and fixtures for over 35 years. The company started by manufacturing small press tools for the lock industry, which was still flourishing in the Black Country.  As this industry began to decline in the 1990’s Pemberton began manufacturing small tools for the automotive sector.

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Opticron Mould Polishing & Finishing

Opticron Mould Polishing & Finishing (previously known as Opticron Surface Finishing), a company providing polishing services to the mould and tool industries.

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Tekniplaz Limited

Tekniplaz is your product development, toolmaking and precision engineering partner.

We are a technical centre of excellence in the design and development of precision plastic injection-moulded products, manufacturer of associated injection mould tooling and precision engineered components.

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Project Innovations Limited

With 37 years’ experience in the plastic industry, our goal is helping our customers with all aspects of delivering new and existing product developments to market, not just to make them, but make them as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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At OGM, we manufacture the highest quality plastic injection moulded parts and assemblies, using advanced injection moulding, automation and 3D printing technologies.

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GMS Limited

The company operates from its own 9000 sq ft premises, turnover is in the region of £1mio supplying the automotive, whitegoods and general engineering sectors in the UK and historically mainland Spain.

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Global Shop Solutions

Global Shop Solutions has been helping simplify manufacturing around the globe for 45 years. Our local employees serving the UK & Ireland are experienced with your local manufacturing requirements. Global Shop Solutions ERP software offers all the applications you need to simplify your manufacturing and run a leaner, more efficient, and profitable manufacturing business.

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Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies

We have been pioneers in providing solutions for retrofitting conventional machine tools with additive manufacturing capabilities. As experts in metal additive manufacturing, we now use our own technology to provide services.

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