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New member companies – serving industry sectors. The following are our latest new members!

Hieta Technologies

HiETA Technologies Ltd specialize in thermal management and light-weighting, exploiting additive manufacturing (AM) as a production and customization process.

The very high levels of 3D design freedom offered by Additive Manufacturing offers real benefits to our clients and partners including reduced lead-time and increased performance. It allows us to develop more compact and efficient product solutions than conventional manufacturing techniques.

Our expert implementation of Additive Manufacturing as a process is focused on 2 main areas: thermal management and light-weighting.

  • Thermal management: We are able to design and manufacture devices that not only outperform the competition made via conventional means (at least 6% greater effectiveness or 20% less volume) but can be tightly packaged. We can do this using a range of materials including AlSi10Mg, Inconel 625 & 718 and CM247LC.
  • Light-weighting: Topology optimisation and intelligent use of lattice structures reduces weight and can add multi-functionality across a range of products with the associated cost and performance benefits.

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Lawday Engineering

Formed in 1969, Lawday Engineering has a distinguished history in the design and manufacture of tooling for the foundry industry.

Based in the heart of the Black Country, we have invested heavily over the past two decades and have developed a formidable position within the tool making industry with our ability offer customers a full design and manufacture package at our West Bromwich premises.

From initial casting development discussions Lawday Engineering has the knowledge and ability to develop casting design into workable and castable solutions. Having worked in the industry for all their working lives our management and design teams offer extensive knowledge and experience in the search for the right solution. Collectively, our management team has over 150 years experience in the industry.

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Starrett Precision Optical

With Starrett Metrology products, the system is only a part of the whole package. From application analysis, system specification, installation, and training to post-installation field services, the excellence of our products is matched by the quality and comprehensive range of our services.


Starrett optical profile projectors provide a time tested, cost effective, solution for non-contact measurement. Optical profile projectors are used for an exceptionally wide range of dimensional inspection applications.


Starrett video measurement systems combine high-resolution images, powerful – intuitive software and precision mechanical platforms to deliver superb accuracy and repeatable measurement results for a wide range of metrology applications.


Starrett video inspection systems offer a variety of solutions for many applications such as inspection, assembly processes, engineering and design analysis and training. Custom configurations and solutions are also available.

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Menear Engineering

Menear Engineering is a small family run business established over 35 years ago.

We produce quality mould tools, press tools, diecast tools and jigs & fixtures for a variety of customers. We are specialist in CNC Milling Precision Machinery & also manufacture precision machined parts for all types of industries using a whole range of toolroom machinery and inspection equipment.

Our mould tools are manufactured using 2½ D CNC Milling, Spark Erosion, Surface Grinding, Turning, Conventional Milling, Bench Fitting and Polishing.

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Bruker, one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of advanced instrumentation for science and industry available under one brand – a brand synonymous with excellence, innovation and quality.

Bruker high-performance scientific instruments and solutions cover a broad spectrum of applications in all fields of research and development, and ensure quality and reliability in all industrial production processes.

The UK purpose-built facilities in Coventry have been fully refurbished to reflect its new status as a Bruker Centre of Excellence. The new fully integrated laboratories and demonstration facilities now provide seamless access to all Bruker technologies:


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Element Six

Element Six is made up of two businesses; Technologies, which is 100% owned by the De Beers Group; and Abrasives, which is ~60% owned by the De Beers Group, with Umicore, a major global materials group, owning the remaining ~40%.

The Abrasives business encompasses our Oil & Gas, Advanced Materials and Hard Materials Divisions. Abrasives uses high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) synthesis to manufacture synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN), and high temperature sintering to produce tungsten carbide products. These supermaterials are used in applications including cutting, grinding, drilling, shearing and polishing. This has driven demand in industrial sectors as diverse as automotive, aerospace, oil & gas drilling, mining, electronics, road maintenance, stone and construction, and wood-working.

The Technologies business utilises the extreme properties of synthetic diamond beyond hardness, through manufacturing very pure synthetic diamond using chemical vapour deposition (CVD) techniques. These properties are opening up potential applications in a wide array of industries such as optics, power transmission, water treatment, semi-conductors and sensors. The unique and extreme properties of synthetic diamond have the potential to solve some of the world’s biggest industrial challenges, leaving synthetic diamond well placed to enter an exciting era of future growth in the coming decades.

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Quantum Manufacturing

Quantum has become an integral supplier to many tier 1 and tier 2 companies within multiple industries. Quantum specialise in the design and manufacture of many types of tooling and all associated fixtures required for checking, bonding, welding, trimming and assembling the parts produced from their tools.

Its specialist tooling solutions team that has over 25 years’ experience in the design and supply, through supply chain management, of Production, Assembly, Transportation and Test equipment to major Aerospace and Automotive Clients, and has a global reputation for quality and delivery.

Specialists in the design, manufacture and integration of precision production and assembly tooling, transportation and test equipment, press tooling and special purpose machinery.

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W.H. Tildesley



W.H.Tildesley Ltd, established in 1874, is one of the oldest drop forging companies remaining in the United Kingdom.

A recent £1.4 Million refurbishment means that we now have the most modern drop forging facility in the UK.

Our extensive in-house capabilities enable us to offer an efficient service by reducing the use of sub-contractors, improving quality and lead times.

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EJ TechDev

EJ TechDev offers a range of expertise honed during the design, development and manufacture of award-winning innovative injection moulded ophthalmic products.

We offer fast turnaround services in optical development and prototyping, precision mechanical development and prototyping, and specialised mould tooling component manufacture as well as consultancy in optical and complex surface design, particularly involving the emergent field of freeform optics.

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Apex Metrology

Apex Metrology Ltd provide support for CMM users with over 100 years of direct CMM experience, this includes supply of complete measurement solutions; Equipment, Installation, On-going maintenance, System upgrades , Hardware support , Software support & Training.

Our fully qualified engineers support most manufacturers’ machines and software systems.

Apex’s diverse manufacturers experience allows for greater knowledge of CMM Applications and enables provision of more efficient solutions. Years of practice enables a comprehensive, simple communication, and speedy response. The Metrology Centre is situated adjacent to the world class Edinburgh Technopole Science Park which has a focus on Research & Development since 1946 pioneering New High-Tech Innovative Solutions.

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