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New member companies – serving industry sectors. The following are our latest new members!

Aerospace Cutting Tool Ltd

Founded in 2009, Aerospace Cutting Tool Limited, have established themselves as solution provider to the metalforming sectors including automotive, aerospace, defence, and medical sectors. Collectively, our management team bring over 75 years of collaborative experience to the metalforming market including machine and process design solutions.

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Image2Output Limited



The ULSee infrared Monitor Solution combines the strength of ULSee’s core competencies in computer vision and AI based algorithms with the rising demand for thermal detection products.

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Associated Toolmakers Limited

Associated Toolmakers specialise in the design and manufacture of plastic injection mould tools for a variety of different industries. Having full in-house design facilities and an ongoing commitment to invest in the very latest technology, we aim to offer an unsurpassed service and reduced lead times.

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OGP advanced multi-sensor measurement equipment meet all of your metrology requirements in one solution. A single OGP SmartScope®system uses multiple sensors and probes to complete the work of several machines, offering an improved speed of complex component inspection in one swift routine.

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Toolcast Ltd

From design and prototype development, Toolcast ensure that the manufacture of plastic injection and high pressure die cast mould tools is a straightforward process.

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Metrology & Quality Services Ltd

Offering a full range of Metrology and Testing Equipment from World Leading Suppliers supported by an extensive UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory 

Metrology & Quality Services are your go to store for precision measurement and calibration equipment. Although based in the UK our purchasing power allows up to sell products at competitive prices both in the UK and worldwide

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LK Metrology

LK is the world’s oldest manufacturer of CMM. In 2018, as LK celebrated its 55th anniversary as a leader in the CMM Industry, the company returned to be an independent UK CMM manufacturer headquartered in Derby,  with Sales and Support offices in the UK, North America, China, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy. The  LK CMM brand returns after several years as a division of Nikon Metrology which intends to focus now on non-contact metrology.

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Preconomy Ltd

GTMA is delighted to announce that Preconomy, one of the UK’s largest 24/7 tool making facility and first choice manufacturer for new tooling, modifications and repairs, has joined the GTMA from 1st February, 2020.

Established in 1948, Preconomy is well known within the industry as a respected mould and die manufacturer. This has been achieved through continued investment in engineering technology and production techniques, together with its highly skilled and motivated workforce.

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Paragon Toolmaking Co Ltd

As a leading designer and manufacturer of press tools, injection moulds, jigs and fixtures. We provide bespoke tooling solutions to many of the world’s leading manufacturers and first-tier suppliers.

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3D Print Bureau

Established in 2015, the 3D Print Bureau offers a professional and friendly 3D printing service to its clients, no matter the size or budget. With a team of in-house 3D print professionals, from CAD experts to product design specialists,

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