Innovating isn’t always about what you design or produce

plasticom group

The UK plastic moulding sector, includes more than 1,400 companies competing for a market estimated to be worth about £3.5 billion a year. The industry has been hit by rises in energy prices and raw material costs, and, like many sectors, it faces stiff competition from overseas markets.

So businesses that want to remain competitive need to continuously identify areas where they can be innovating — in both their product offer and also the services they deliver. Edwin realised this many years ago, and continuous improvement has been at the heart of his strategy for Plasticom.

Plasticom has been developing its offer for some years, introducing a range of additional services. Some are enhanced moulding applications such as two shot moulding, which is where a softer rubber, perhaps for a grip on a tool handle, is moulded before a more rigid plastic is added to give the piece strength. Many of the added value services that Plasticom can offer support Edwin’s desire to build the business on strong customer relationships. A popular service is the ability to store stock for customers. The Plasticom team can also fulfil a client’s packaging and distribution requirements. This service means some clients can deliver a design and not touch their product again.

On the production side, Plasticom offers pad printing, which can add an image to a three-dimensional object. This service was initially introduced when they were unable to find a supplier to work with them on a client’s project. Edwin didn’t want to let the client down so invested in the equipment needed to fulfil the contract in-house. Needless to say that investment has been repaid many times over in the years since

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