Keep moving with WDS conveyor accessories

As part of its continuous programme of new product introductions, WDS has launched a range of accessory products for conveyor applications. The range includes components that help to support and manage a conveyor line. Leg supports, conveyor bed support heads and a variety of brackets and clamps to guide and manage conveyed product are all available. In total, there are 22 new part numbers which are suitable for use in bespoke modular conveyor lines and general machine frameworks alike.

The components within the product range will be familiar to anyone who designs or builds conveyor applications and make up a core range of products that should facilitate the needs of most common designs. In addition, WDS has access to many other complementary components for bespoke solutions which are available for customers to order either via the sales department or online.
The new conveyor parts have a great aesthetic appeal and are suitable for use in both factory and clean environments. To add greater flexibility to the range, the major frame components have been designed to be used in a wide variety of equipment frames and support structures.

Chris Putman, WDS Sales and Marketing Director, comments: “This product range represents a system approach to the provision of parts, rather than a set of individual components. Customers are able to order all the parts that they need from a single source and, as we hold the vast majority of our product in stock, receive them the very next day. From this perspective, it’s an exciting launch that offers a new level of flexibility to our customers.”
The standard conveyor range comprises of 22 new part numbers, together with two sizes of stainless steel tube. All of the components are manufactured using polypropylene and stainless steel and are subject to an independent quality inspection prior to despatch. This new range is priced very competitively with prices visible online for one-off or bulk orders.

There are many other products within WDS’s comprehensive catalogue which complement the new conveyor range including tubing in a variety of pre-cut lengths, levelling feet and threaded tube inserts, ball transfer units, index levers and digital position indicators.