Kemet Offer Highly Polished System for Bore Finishing

World leaders in precision finishing, Kemet International Ltd, have developed a system that is guaranteed to provide extreme accuracy in production bore finishing.

The company’s extensive range of Helilaps and accessories, combined with their acclaimed ISO 9001 quality diamond compound can provide incomparable bore concentricity, exceptional straightness and a superb surface finish.

Manufactured from lapping quality, close-grained, grey cast iron, Kemet Helilaps (1) feature a unique helical slot and a tapered bore, which, when slipped over a high-tensile, hardened, ground steel arbor (2) and tapped gently with a lap expander (3), diametrically expand along the entire length of the lap. The resulting uniform points of contact around the circumference along the length of the whole lap ensure concentricity and parallelism to be maintained to extremely fine tolerances.

Used in combination with Kemet diamond compounds, the Helilaps can also provide a highly polished finish. Kemet Diamond Compounds are manufactured using closely graded, virgin diamond powder and high purity chemicals, formulated and prepared to guarantee quality and consistent performance.

External circumferential grooves in the Helilaps aid application of the diamond compound and stock removal, enabling the Kemet system to deliver a fast lapping action. Used together with Kemet lubricating fluid and 14 micron diamond compound, Helilaps can provide stock removal to correct any dimensional or surface defects and provide a silky matt finish of around 0.08 μm Ra on steel. A second stage using 3 micron diamond compound, again applied using the Helilap, can then achieve a polished finish exceeding 0.03 μm Ra.

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