Market Leaders FHS Motor Racing purchase Starrett AVR300

FHS Motor Racing are global leaders in the manufacture of high performance fluid delivery systems, used predominantly in F1 and World Rally series.

Motorsports industries strive for zero non-compliance, like other key areas such as marine and defence, they demand a combination of high reliability and high performance. The precise inspection of each part is therefore safety critical. In order to meet these rigorous demands, dimensional precision is a key attribute, together with surface finish. To facilitate this inspection process, FHS upgraded their existing metrology equipment to a Starrett AVR300 multisensor coordinate measuring system.



The AVR CNC system offers a powerful, repeatable measurement solution to FHS Motor Racing, who inspect and measure 100% of all goods in. In interview with Optimax, QA Manager Jay Salter explained that the AVR300 provided transformative added functionality:

“The device is intuitive to use and can be applied to all the vertical markets we supply. It’s effective for applications as simple as the measurement of O rings and washers, to complex CNC 5 axis couplings. An excellent piece of kit, that we use daily.”

Automated and intuitive, multiple members of the FHS team can use this flexible device for the measurement of a wide range of CNC machined components. The addition of a non-contact sensor supports the precise measurement of flexible and tactile products, while the Renishaw probe can be added for complex, rigid 3D assemblies.

Having enjoyed a long working relationship with Optimax, FHS Motor Racing were sure they’d receive a bespoke solution to meet their application.