Material Joining: Characterization of Laser Beam Welding

bruker logoMaterial Joining: Characterization of Laser Beam Welding

Laser beam welding is a modern material joining technique that utilizes a high power density laser to heat and thereby, fuse, two materials together.

bruker laser claddingCompared to traditional welding techniques, laser-based methods can achieve narrower welds, higher speeds and are easier to automate. Like traditional welding techniques, materials are melted in the weld zone, though with much more rapid heating and cooling cycles (see Figure 1).

These rapid thermal cycles are potentially concerning for formation cracks through thermal stresses and changes in the microstructure giving undesirable or inhomogeneous mechanical properties.

The area in which these microstructural changes occur is referred to as the heat affected zone (HAZ). Thus, high-precision and high-resolution mechanical property data in the HAZ is critical for ensuring weld quality and optimization of laser operating parameters.

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