Metrology Funding for West Midlands

ERDF grant funded schemes are currently available for SMEs based in the West Midlands, which provides access to technical specialist support that can help to improve your company’s manufacturing performance and resource efficiency.

Metrology is applicable to all sectors of manufacturing and will have a direct impact on the profitability, capabilities and the sustainability of your business. Using proven techniques and processes to raise the capabilities of your business can reduce waste whilst improving quality.

So, if you are spending too much money on reworks, returns and scrappage of expensive materials, or if you are looking at doing things differently, want to explore new technologies or identify affordable quality improvement of your products and processes, then we may be able to help your improve your manufacturing systems and quality controls.

The first stage of support is a part-funded Metrology Review by an industry expert. The review will focus on your productions processes, your current use of metrology and any known issues that you have. A detailed report will provide you with recommendations of how the use of applied metrology could improve your performance and quality whilst focussing of reducing your costs. Some of these recommendations may be low-cost or no-cost that you could implement yourselves. However, some may involve additional costs to your company. The second stage of support may be able to assist you these costs: we have additional grant funding available to part fund these improvements.

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