Midas Ramps up Capacity to Support Covid-19 Critical Supply Chains

Bedford based Midas Pattern Company have worked together with the Medical and Scientific community for the last 30 years and could not be prouder to have been able to contribute to the Covid-19 response.

The 70 strong polyurethane RIM moulding company offers its users a low cost, low risk solution when large, complex casings and custom mouldings are required. They typically provide the cladding and stylish housings used to enshroud bench top devices, ventilators, surgical theatre equipment and floor mounted analysers. RIM moulding also satisfies all current regulatory requirements and material traceability, making it perfect for the Medical Device market.

Having been involved with the industry for many years and seen the positive benefit such devices bring to our health and welfare – Covid-19 brought home this message like never before. Knowing that the company could provide the much needed manufacturing and engineering support, Midas set about its mission.

Fortunate to be part of many customer critical supply chains, Midas focused on keeping operational whilst adapting to demands for increased capacity and compressed delivery schedules. Rebalancing their order books overnight to focus on all Coronavirus response projects and bolstering their raw material supply network. With timescales so precious, any failure or delay in the supply chain would be catastrophic – all at a time when the impact of staff welfare, sickness and isolation was really peaking and social distancing in factory environment becoming a reality.

Whilst the loudest call to action may have been the #ventilatorchallenge, many more activities were contributing to the covid-19 response and Midas played a vital role in supporting those companies.  Ventilators to help the very sick breathe a little easier, research companies working furiously to develop testing kits and find Coronavirus vaccines not to mention the instrument companies that were checking the food we eat is safe and creating the longer term pharmaceuticals requirements.

A superb team effort, echoing similar success stories around the country. Order schedules flipped on their head, operations changed overnight, customer relationships leveraged and strong supply partnerships tested – all with the common goal of beating this deadly disease.