Mini Microdrills take production drilling to the extremes

The new range of WTX Mini Microdrills from WNT (UK) are opening up new opportunities for the drilling of small diameter holes under production conditions. Manufactured from solid carbide these drills are capable of precision hole production at elevated cutting data thanks to their exceptional chip flow characteristics and ultra-thin tool coating.


The range starts at just 0.1 mm diameter rising to a maximum diameter of 2.9 mm, with sizes maintained to a tolerance of + 0.004mm, depending on drill diameter the useable flute length is between 3.5 and 5 times diameter. Suggested cutting speed is up to 70 m/min in steel and cast iron, while for light alloy applications this can increase to up to 200 m/min, with feed rates between 0.01 and 0.05 mm/rev depending on diameter and application.


This level of performance and the added process security that WTX Mini Microdrills deliver is down to the design of the flutes that have an extremely smooth surface that ensures optimum chip flow and evacuation of swarf from the cutting area. This is also aided by the TiAlN tool coating that has been specially developed for these Microdrills, allowing a very thin coating that minimises any rounding of the cutting edge.


The WTX Mini Microdrills are ideally suited for high performance cutting of steel components, they are truly versatile and can be applied across a wide range of materials and applications. To maximise this performance WNT has also developed its Micro-Precision Collet Chuck range. These chucks are capable of gripping drills (as well as end mills and reamers) between 0.2 and 3.2 mm diameter. The standard balance quality of the chucks is G2,5 at 25,000 revs/min, but can run at speeds up to 60,000 revs/min.


Micro-Precision Collet Chucks require just an Allen T-handle wrench for clamping and the standard holding torque of the chuck is 4.5 Nm which is ideal for when combined with the WTX Mini Microdrills to provide the optimum machining performance and concentricity required for these extremely small cutting tools.


“In developing the WTX Mini Microdrills and Micro-Precision Collet Chucks, WNT has enhanced the performance and process security of a machining technique that goes to the extreme of metalcutting with high performance drills down to 0.1 mm diameter maintaining extremely tight tolerances. Even for these highly specialised tools we are still offering customers the same ex-stock, guaranteed delivery as the rest of the WNT cutting tool range,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK)