Do you need Flame Retardant Plastics?


When designing your next custom moulding(s) to enshroud your new innovation, do you need to consider using a flame retardant material and if so, what category level?

For example, a fundamental requirement for FDA (The U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approval is a UL94/VO flame retardant rating so it is important to understand your requirements before you head down a manufacturing route that you can’t change without huge investments.  The costs of changing suppliers, materials, tooling and re-testing can be huge, not to mention time wasting with critical deadlines missed.

Questions you should consider are:

  1. Where are you likely to sell your products?
  2. What classification level will be required for the type of enclosure?
  3. Can your chosen manufacturing process and supplier support you with a compliant material and advise yellow card details?


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