Never A Better Time For Production Control Software

Understandably, subcontract precision engineering businesses need to be cautious with their spending over the next year or so. Owing to ever-changing material prices and the requirement to regularly requote we may see large investments, such as in machinery, slow down.


Many companies are therefore opting to make an economic investment in PSL Datatrack production control software. Designed to streamline the entire production process from quotation to invoice, the system seamlessly integrates reliable business information whilst providing vital traceability, extensive flexible reporting and visual displays.

Prospec Systems Limited (PSL), the company behind the software, provides a refreshing approach so you can tailor a system to work the way you need it to. With 30+ years of experience at the forefront of production control software, PSL Datatrack is a proven solution backed up by a comprehensive implementation and training programme with professional, reliable support from a dedicated UK-based team.

Many companies have come to PSL in 2022 seeking efficiency gains and improvements. Datatrack has controls in place to prevent material wastage and unnecessary stockholding, whilst another key theme has been the transition from paper-based to paperless job packs on the shop floor.

This is all managed through the system’s Document Management and Imaging options, whilst Status Boards remain as popular as ever to automatically display live production information around a factory.

Automation remains a key trend in the manufacturing industry. Within Datatrack, the quotation/estimate is the ‘setup’ with all other functions making up the ‘production’ cycle. Data is entered once and reused wherever possible to provide accurate reliable information. This can then be reported on in many ways and with numerous filters.

An exciting new development carried out by PSL now provides interfacing between multiple Datatrack systems within a group of companies. This effective, money-saving solution allows completion of production without requiring additional staff to administer the work.

A number of automated functions were also added to the last full release of the software. A feature enabling the system to save quote letters to PDF (ready to be attached to a reply email to the customer) has been well received, particularly by users already utilising a similar facility in Invoicing.

Another new mechanism enables quotations that require a special billet to specify the material details on a temporary entry. If the quotation is successful the system can create a billet material code and convert the quotation to use it in one action.

These join a list of many existing automation features. Some of the most popular are a ‘Generate Works Orders’ screen which greatly reduces the time taken to raise multiple works orders for a single customer purchase order. Options include whether the system produces an order acknowledgement and/or prints all process layouts.

The automatic addition of pre-set carriage options to delivery notes for relevant customers has also been a revelation. This prevents the charges from being omitted at the invoicing stage.

PSL are confident that by using Datatrack production control software YOUR administration times and paperwork burden will be reduced, allowing you to run the business – not ‘do’ the business. Time is money!

Contact PSL to arrange a convenient, free and no obligation demonstration today and prepare your business for the return to normality… whatever that may look like.


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