New 5-Axis CNC Gantry Machining Centre Installed at Alphateq

Alphateq Ltd has recently added a CMC ARES CNC 5-axis Gantry machining centre to its ever growing list of Plant & Equipment

CMS Ares

With X, Y, Z  values of 3.6M x 2.6M x 1.2M and having a spindle speed of up to 24,000 rpm, this machine allows Alphateq to offer an enhanced service to existing customers, at the same time providing new opportunities for work in Industrial and commercial applications not yet explored by the company.



In addition to allowing much larger patterns, models and prototype items to be produced, the dimension of the machine’s bed, together with the use of advanced anti-collision software, facilitates the 5-axis machining of several smaller items per set-up. This capability allows the possibility of lights-out running when required and also releases machining capacity in other areas, providing real benefits in terms of both operating costs and available capacity.


Alphateq is currently involved in Automotive Body Development (models, bucks, cubing, packaging), Aerospace (prototype components, compression moulds for composite components, small press tools for carbon fibre, fixtures), High Voltage Insulation Products (tooling for casting resin) and Foundry Tooling (patterns, dies).


Addition of the CMS machine will allow the company to pursue its interest in other areas such as Rail (seating, carriage interiors), moulds and models for commercial purposes (exhibitions, advertising, display) and property items for the entertainment industry.





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