New Clamping Device Library with Tebis 4.1 Release

CAD/CAM and MES specialist Tebis has announced the release of Tebis 4.1. One of the major additions of the functionalities is a new camping device library.

The proven manufacturing database libraries, in which all of the manufacturing components and experience data are stored, have been supplemented with a clamping device library in the form of digital twins. This can be used to conveniently create and manage clamping elements and clamping device groups and to set up the machine in the virtual environment.

The new Tebis clamping device library also represents all common devices for fixing parts in the machining process. From the screwless vise to clamps and chucks, all common clamping devices can now be easily managed in a library and quickly used for realistic simulation and collision checking. In the CAD/CAM model, the precise clamping position can be exactly aligned, zero point and conventional clamping systems represented, and all assembly possibilities checked.

Simulation with Tebis CAD/CAM Digital Twins

The digital twins of the machines, tools and clamping devices are available to provide not only speed but also reliability. It is reliable and collision-free manufacturing from start to finish. Before NC processing, Tebis fully checks the complete machining scenario for collisions in the CNC simulator.  This includes not only machines, units and clamping devices but also starting points and connection conditions, all axis and traverse movements with all stepovers and intermediate movements.

Tebis has long supported programming with digital twins, and since 2000 has enabled customers to integrate their own tools and machines as digital twins in the Tebis CAD/CAM software. This capability has since developed into sophisticated machine and tool libraries where all commercially available machine types from various manufacturers are stored with their geometrical and kinematic properties, and all types of tools.

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