NEW Moving Iron Controllable Actuator Launched

ORLIN Technologies Ltd, in partnership with innovative designer and manufacturer CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES, is proud to launch the NEW linear Moving Iron Controllable Actuator (MICA) product line to the UK. The MICA range of products has been developed, with associated drive electronics, in response to a need for highly reliable, long-life solutions.

The MICA linear actuators have been specifically developed for extremely long lifetime use, designed for zero maintenance over several years of orlin1continuous operation. This level of performance is achieved thanks to fixed coil and magnet designs, without electric flying leads, and an efficient contact-free flexure bearing design. The 1KVA CSA96 power amplifier has been developed alongside the MICA product range. It features a reactive power recovery, achieving more than 90% energy efficiency and it can drive both single and multiple MICA configurations.

The moving iron actuator has been designed as the highest performing in the sector compared to traditional magnetic actuators.

Its features include;

  • Controllable with precision and accuracy
  • Can be run with high force
  • Consistently demonstrates greater electrical efficiency
  • Easy and direct cooling on dedicatedinterfaces
  • Extremely long life with little or no maintenance

The moving assembly of the MICA range, with no sliding contact or friction losses, is able to achieve close to perpetual movement on the flexure bearings, close to resonance, providing clients with very high power, very low energy consumption and very low heatdissipation.

The MICA design incorporates high thermal cooling, is lubricant-free, with no limited-life ball bearings or plain bushing guiding devices. These features make it compatible with low maintenance devices and give a long-life in a range of environments.

The MICA product range is used for such applications as vibration assistance and precision control, such as active chatter suppression. The range is also suited for internal thermal fluid machines such as pumps, compressors, valves, linear alternators, or as standalone devices for vibration cancellation and energy recovery.

These features set the new MICA actuators apart from the rest of the field, and have been designed thanks to CEDRAT TECHNLOGIES’ considerable experience in flexure bearing designs. This has been honed over years of working with mechanical products, alongside developing long-lifetime components for the aerospace and defence sectors.




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