New polyamide handwheel range available from WDS

WDS Components Parts Ltd. has released a range of three new handwheels to join its extensive range. Ideal for machine builders amongst a variety of application possibilities, polyamide construction offers an alternative to steel and aluminium finishes.

The three-spoke polyamide handwheels are available both with and without a folding handle, used to increase grip and precision of use. When not required, the handle can be folded down for increased safety. This is important for machines with a permanent drive where a spinning, protruding handle can present a hazard. Upright and folding screw-fix handles are also available as options. The handwheels also feature grips around the inside circumference for extra stability in use.

The handwheel is keywayed at the shaft to enable greater tension to be applied for a tighter fit, as well as providing increased precision, required for example in machine operation. Alternatively, the same model has the option to be fastened by pin or press-fit secured by washer and screw.

The new handwheels are constructed from glass reinforced polyamide with a black finish. These are lighter in weight than an aluminium or steel variant and aesthetically present a more technological rather than industrial style. Meanwhile, the boss is manufactured from steel to provide a strong core to the handwheel, with a chemical black oxide finish for increased resistance to corrosion. A bakelite handwheel in solid rather than spoked design, also with a folding grip, is available as a different style.

The three new handwheels are offered in four diameter sizes, including 100mm, 125mm, 160mm and 200mm.

WDS has also extended the range of bore sizes available on its existing handwheel range. Aluminium handwheels now have two bore sizes for various wheel diameters, such as the 125mm diameter wheel which adds to the 12mm bore with a 14mm variant; the 160mm diameter wheel now has a 14 and 16mm bore, and the 200mm wheel now has an 18 and 22mm bore.

The full range of handwheel styles can be viewed at, which features dimensions, colour line drawings and CAD files for each product. Orders can be placed online for same-day despatch from its Leeds factory.

Image Caption: The new handwheels are constructed from glass reinforced polyamide with a black finish.